Global Temperature Anomaly, Through September


Source: NOAA

The highest point estimate for the anomaly is for 2016. For 2014, the 95% interval is ±0.09°C [1]. If that is ballpark for the 9 months estimate, then one can’t say that 2016 is hotter than 2015 (with statistical significance at the 5% msl), but can say it is hotter than 1998, a year often focused on by the “hiatus”-ers.

Update, 5:08PM Pacific: Here is a trailing 60 month moving average, ending observation for September 2016.


Source: NOAA

One thought on “Global Temperature Anomaly, Through September

  1. rtd

    Also, I believe September is the lone 2016 month to not be “[t]he highest point estimate for the anomaly” by respective month going back to 1880. And, it was second only to 2015.

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