11 thoughts on “Now That We Are Winning, Where Is CoRev?

  1. 2slugbaits

    You could ask that same question of a lot of Trump supporters. In my experience I’ve found that many Trump voters believe themselves to be relatively intelligent and worldly wise; and therefore they refuse to accept the fact that they were bamboozled by a charlatan. That’s the sort of thing that only happens to fools, and since they are not fools, ergo, they could not be bamboozled. So instead of trying to defend Trump’s indefensible policies, they typically adopt one of two strategies. People like Rick Stryker rationalize the problem away by telling themselves that they didn’t really like Trump, but he was better than Clinton. That allows them to keep up the pretense that they are still intelligent voters who understand the world better than those pinko lefties. The other strategy is to feel persecuted by the left and use that as an excuse to just quit trying to defend Trump. It’s because Menzie is a big ol’ meanie. That has the ego saving advantage of pretending that you’re still above it all without having to confront the underlying problem. I suspect CoRev and PeakTrader belong in the latter group.

    1. Moses Herzog

      With all due respect, I think you underestimate dumb and dumber’s enthusiasm for the orange leathery creature. They are closet racists—as is “Princeton”Kopits. Their soul yells a silent hurray and whoops when they imagine 100 hispanics in an ICE cage half-starving to death with one toilet that doesn’t work. No one can go on FOX news at 5:30 in the morning, selling a white trash infomercial version of Hitler’s “final solution” and not have a set of Gestapo pompoms hidden somewhere.

    2. ilsm


      In my experience I’ve found that many democrat voters believe themselves to be intelligent, informed by CNN and worldly wise; and therefore they refuse to accept the fact that Clinton lost fair and square……… My opinion from observation is democrats at the moment are as lame as the tea party in 2010.

      So, far from what I know and see Trump restraint over the Global Hawk and cruise missiles on the Saudi oil facilities (someone got really lucky to get the hits) not being afraid to be compared with Daladier is encouraging and better than I expected from Obama and Hillary.

      John C Calhoun and SC were riled up over tariffs too!

      1. noneconomist

        Jackson made the tariffs all good when he promised Britain would be paying for them. And he said he was just kidding about hanging anyone or shooting Calhoun. Fake news.

      2. noneconomist

        BTW, ilsm, since you brought it up, the late historian Kenneth M. Stampp had this to say about the tariff disputes that were firing up southern farmers and planters:
        “…Southern exports paid for most of the country’s imports, and the federal government supported itself chiefly by taxing this exchange. Hence, Southerners complained they more paying more than their share of federal taxes, and to make matters worse, much of the income from the tariff was spent on internal improvements mostly in the north.
        In short, the tariff was a peculiar tax on southern farmers and planters, A TAX THAT RAISED THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING THEY CONSUMED AND THE COST OF EVERYTHING THEY PRODUCED.”
        But, thankfully, it was the British who were paying, right?

  2. Moses Herzog

    I thought I saw something today related to a drop in lean hogs futures prices, but didn’t feel educated enough in that subject area to post it. I assume it will at least mildly affect things there. Hope those Iowans and Midwestern farmers love their MAGA hats.

    Since NYT has a paywall up for one of the most important stories in America probably in the last 100 years, I thought I would post a non-paywall version of the story for any of Menzie’s readers who would like to read it:

    God bless you and yours, people.

    1. baffling

      nothing like having the president request foreign intervention in a us election. that would never happen here, would it? certainly not by a us president. i am sure dick stryker, peak loser and dodorev would never support a candidate who lies and uses foreign powers to subvert a us election, would they? and less we not forget, moscow mitch seems on board with his commander in chiefs efforts.

      1. noneconomist

        The only strategic pork I’m aware of is bacon. It’s the main reason American males will never become Islamic terrorists. (That and the thought of all women being forced to clothe themselves head to toe)

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