The Politics and Policy of China

A Tenure-track Position at UW Madison

“The University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks to hire a faculty member with research and teaching interests in comparative politics or international relations, with a primary focus on China and a secondary focus on East Asia and the Pacific Rim. Potential areas of substantive expertise in the politics and policy of China include: political and economic development, human rights, environmental politics and policy, international political economy, international security, international organizations/governance, non-governmental organizations, or political sociology.

This faculty position is part of a three-position research cluster, Rethinking East Asia and the World, which was proposed by the Title VI-funded National Resource Center, the Center for East Asian Studies, for the University’s Cluster Hiring Initiative to enhance cross-disciplinary expertise on contemporary East Asia. …”

See the entire announcement here. Deadline, 9/18/2019.

11 thoughts on “The Politics and Policy of China

  1. Moses Herzog

    In other news…..

    I mean how many months left in office IF “the stable genius” loses and how long does it take to even get these investigations cranked up?? 16 months?? This one smells worse than fish left out in the south Florida heat for 2 months. How is this stuff not going to catch up with the orange bastard, assuming he leaves office?? I’m telling you these SOB Republicans better not give us any more phony lectures on waste if this isn’t punished severely. I really have to filter myself sometimes. Menzie won’t believe it but I have more self-control than he imagines, I can tell you that much.

    1. ilsm

      Records would show where the C-17 picked up its load of things and/or passengers. It is likely that Scotland was a good stop considering the mission and places the aircraft had been. Air Mobility Command likes to know what the aircraft hauling the good are up to!

      I doubt the Air National Guard crew stopped there to pick up a couple of coolers filled with haegis!

      Could be the Air National Guard flight crew, they are usually older than the kids flying for the regular Air Force, wanted to get a round in at a Scottish golf course for auld lang syne! Plus being older they likely rest during their “crew rest”. Being funny!

      The story mentions the 176 Maintenance Group. They are located at Anchorage, Alaska. I suspect they prefer cooler weather as they would find at Scotland.

      The article mentions other stops the crew might have used. Most are well south of Scotland. A reason may be the “routing was shorter by a close to great circle plot”.

      Nearly 50 years ago I served in a C-141 unit they are all retired replaced by C-17’s. Our aircraft went on cargo “runs” directed by the HQ at Scott AFB, Il. same set up these days. The cargo and the destinations are managed through there. Detailed navigation is reported through and to the HQ at Scott AFB. The HQ needs to keep tabs on expensive aircraft that cost a lot to fly and keep running. During Gulf War I I did a little supporting C-5’s going to the Gulf theater. Routing through Charleston was definitely not efficient, compared to great circle routing!

      Late report this AM on CNN admitted the hotel cost at the Trump resort was less than a local Marriott.

      1. Menzie Chinn Post author

        ilsm: “It is likely that Scotland was a good stop considering the mission and places the aircraft had been.” Then why hadn’t they been stopping there before Trump became president. This is perhaps you most pathetic rationalization ever (and the competition is tough!)

        1. ilsm


          It seems to be a very nice airport, with big enough runway and lots of suitable jet fuel to fill up a C-17……. It is close to Glasgow airport and fits in a Scottish/UK air traffic plan.

          You can read the latest NYTimes innuendoes on the Turnburygate. They report that Trump organization in 2014 negotiated some deal that Glasgow would “share” landings with the airport near the golf club. Did Trump know in 2014 he would beat Hillary?

          The NYTimes article goes a bit astray on how the little airport that can refuel huge cargo plans does what the Defense travel System (DTS) does in reserving hotels…….. 2016 the last time I traveled for DoD DTS was the required method of reserving hotels.

          Trump like any conservative is guilty until proven innocent. It beats trying to run a country!

          1. Menzie Chinn Post author

            ilsm: I thought the C-17 was a cargo plane built to be able to operate on relatively small runways, so that’s not the issue. The issue is (1) what did it cost to refuel at that airport, relative to the AFB’s typically refueled at, and (2) why at *that* airport, when never refueled there before Trump. Truly, are you that dense? Or just being a flak?

          2. ilsm

            I may be a flak! But, I have been associated with USAF logistics for quite a long time, small part of it in petroleum supply at the HQ level. I am somewhat familiar with strategic airlift. There are many considerations/variables that go in to flight plans, military do not do like the airlines, and cargo routing is not like DHL!

            “I thought the C-17 was a cargo plane built to be able to operate on relatively small runways, so that’s not the issue.” Yes, the C-17 has the ability to act like a Vietnam Era C-130 (think jack of all trades, master of no airfields) but those small airfields are tactical. “Enroute” stops with heavy cargo which is what Turnberrygate is about usually do not want short fields. As a logistician short fields imply limited servicing, and smaller fuel supply.

            “The issue is (1) what did it cost to refuel at that airport, relative to the AFB’s typically price,” The correct issue is flying time and wear and tear on the C-17 from extra flying time to go get marginally cheaper fuel. DoD procures fuel in the theater it is not shipped from US refineries. Also, there is navigation and flight hours. I would find out how much flight time (fuel is about 12% of flying hour/ ownership costs) is needed to go south to save a bit on jet fuel. Great circle navigation is usually a deciding factor.

            “and (2) why at *that* airport, when never refueled there before Trump.” I think this is an alternate to Glasgow, air cargo operations fly in to and out of many airports. Landing rates and congestion at the time the aircraft planned to arrive might have been an issue. I knew units who rewarded pilots for initiative to schedule their cross country training in to different airports. Yeah, it might look fishy, but these pilots could have flown in there to get good single malt scotch at a discount. Which I have seen in my years. Midwest units sometimes flew to Bangor, Maine or Bermuda to get fresh seafood and lobster…….

            “Truly, are you that dense? Or just being a flak?” Could be the result of doing logistics and life cycle strategies since 1972. “logisticians are a sad embittered race of men…….. indispensable in war, they sink in to obscurity during peace…..”

  2. noneconomist

    If this position involves Red China, who better to fill the spot than Peak Trader? If, by that time, he has not been hired by a top-notch California university, given his knowledge of all things California and his enduring friendship with Sonny Bono

    1. Moses Herzog

      WOW…… I never ever thought I would read anything and think to myself “This is tarnishing the memory of Sonny Bono”.

      And yet, there it is.

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