The World-Wide Fama Puzzle Reversal

In my previous post, I recounted “The New Fama Puzzle” as it applied to dollar exchange rates, with focus on the euro/dollar rate. A quick observation: the reversal also appears for non-US dollar based exchange rates (against euro, yen, pound).

The Fama regression is:

s+1 – s = α’ + β'(i-i*) + error

First, consider Fama regression coefficients (β’) for the one year horizon, up to 2007M08, against the US dollar, yen, euro, and pound.

Figure 1: Fama regression coefficients for various currency pairs, up to 2007M08. Source: BCFH (2018).

Now, consider the corresponding Fama regression coefficients, after 2007M09.

Figure 2: Fama regression coefficients for various currency pairs, after to 2007M09. Source: BCFH (2018).

It might not be clear from Figure 1, but almost all the estimates are negative. In Figure 2, they are almost all positive.

Here’s the table that underpins the figures.

Table 1: Fama regression coefficients for various currency pairs, for various sample periods. Source: BCFH (2018) Appendix Table 1.

5 thoughts on “The World-Wide Fama Puzzle Reversal

  1. Moses Herzog

    You know, I can almost 100% predict you are going to get complaints about Figure 1 (from the usual parties?? CoRev, are you out there??), but those complaints will not be from me. If you can kind of “trick” your mind into looking at the bar chart “in 3D” it is actually a great little bar chart that packs a wallop of info in one visual cue. But I do think looking at the “Fama Puzzle” “from the other side of the mirror” so to speak, adds some insight and extra prospective, and helps people like myself grasp Fama Puzzle a little better.

    Thanks for this Menzie.

  2. Moses Herzog

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    At this point, I could put up about 40+ articles up connecting Paul Manafort and Carter Page to Trump. I could also use a sledgehammer to try to get an idea into some Republican’s heads—a lot of good it would do me.

    1. ilsm

      “Fully functioning brain” which deplorables obviously cannot achieve. Not needed to gaslight your [Duane] Gish gallop, proof by verbosity.

      We have always been at war with Putin.

      Cite more disjointed liberal empire selling media ranting?

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