10 thoughts on “Trade Policy Uncertainty: US, China

  1. Moses Herzog

    THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR (if you live in MAGA territory)
    I’m thankful we don’t try to steal from Native Americans anymore. Because I know Republicans hate taxes and stealing from other people’s efforts in the private sector.

    I’m thankful Oklahoma Republicans don’t like taxes when it’s rich white guys being taxed. Now if we can get poor blacks to pay for a tax on their groceries to pay for things that almost exclusively upper class whites play at, that’s something to be thankful for.


    All those repairs listed were made while a Republican Governor was staying in the mansion, while her white trash daughter had a motor home on the property sucking off state paid electricity for her personal use:

    $240 million for renovations to a state capitol, inhabited by Republican legislators who tell us they have zero money for public education, but we “need” $240 million in capitol renovations because it’s “a source of pride”:

    I bet all the people working for minimum wage or barely a living wage, that every morning they get up to tie their shoes they think “Man those state capitol renovations give me such a big source of pride!!!! Damn!! I feel warm and giddy over those capitol renovations Republican legislators have lavished on their workplace!!!!!” One poor section of the city basically had its only grocery store in the entire zip code taken away because of land swaps related to a municipal park that seemingly the city council is the only people that wanted it, and in fact the city council started the petition to create the sales tax, that only required 6,500 signatures in a city populated by 600,000 people to put it on the ballot.



    No grocery store for a large neighborhood area largely inhabited by low-income blacks?? WHO CARES!!! Upper class whites got a new city park to play at on the weekend (or whenever) paid for by sales taxes that take up a larger portion of low-income blacks total income. Let’s be thankful for THAT people!!!!

    No word yet on if Native American Elizabeth Warren has any plans to discuss Republican Governor Stitt’s attempt to rob from Native American owned and managed casinos if Senator Warren makes a campaign stop on OKC. Maybe Senator Warren just doesn’t want to discuss anything related to Native American revenues being robbed by white politicians AGAIN at this stage—as that helps Native Americans—and not her personally.

  2. Moses Herzog

    About 1,180 respondents. Gabbard polling 6% in New Hampshire.

    I think this is significant in the sense a 6% number keeps you in the race at that point with other candidates peeling off. I remember when Jon Huntsman Jr pulled out of the Republican primaries, I forgot what year. I thought it was a very sad moment, because similar to John Kasich, Huntsman is one of the few Republicans I would consider voting for. I thought it was a very sad day when Huntsman couldn’t “hang in there” to the last of the race ‘cuz I thought he was a quality guy. Gabbard could peel off voters from say a Klobuchar once Klobuchar drops out. The longer good quality candidates can stay in it raises the quality of the dialogue. I hope Gabbard sends Hillary a thank you note for her 4% bump up in the polls. What a nice old lady that Hillary is to give Gabbard the “shout out” for a bump up in the polls. It’s not like Hillary is some bitter resentful old lady throwing old batteries at players coming out of the locker room for the 2nd half and still in the game. And that’s a nice thing to be thankful for. I know Gabbard enjoyed it.

  3. Moses Herzog

    People leaving OMB after being bullied by donald trump and Mulvaney about Congressional spending appropriations. I guess now Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham no longer care whether Congress’s passed and codified spending/funding bills actually are enacted. That’s an interesting way for Congress to dilute and weaken their own authority. Apparently their own constitutionally assigned powers mean nothing to Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell anymore.

    Again, if Mitch McConnell thinks donald trump is a bearcat for him now, how does he think that’s going to work in 2021 when trump has nothing to lose at that point?? McConnell and Lindsey Graham don’t have foresight that goes any farther than two feet in front of their nose.

    Why do McConnell and Lindsey Graham even bother going to work?? Why not just play golf and declare donald trump our new King George??

  4. Barkley Rosser

    I am beginning to think that Trump likes dragging out the US/China trade talks. Why? Every day there is a rumor of a “breakthrough,” the stock market goes up. If he cuts a deal, it will amount to little if anything, and there will be no more “rumors of a breakthrough” pushing the market up.

    Happy Thanksgiving, you all.

  5. Moses Herzog

    Although this paper contradicts some things said by our good man Mr. Ashoka Mody, I thought it’s very interesting, and whether you agree with the premise or not, it’s worthy reading. I have a lot of respect for both Ashoka Mody and Viral Acharya and I think it shows highly intelligent people can come to different conclusions. I do tend to lean towards Acharya’s arguments, but also some parts of both men’s stances are not “mutually exclusive”. I think both men would agree with me that there is some middle ground there. I really like this paper, and it gets back to some recent arguments I have made, about individual banks not accounting for the proper amount of capital assets (or funds) on their own balance sheets.

    A lot of people have talked about the “mystery” of disinflation. I have heard many intelligent people forecast inflation since 2008. That’s 11 years now, and we’ve seen very little of that. Why?? Certainly I think Acharya’s argument is as valid as any others I have seen. The only one that possibly matches it is the internet and technology’s ability to temper upward price movements and/or large margins.

  6. Moses Herzog

    I was thinking although the chances were relatively small, that there was a chance Menzie might be having a slightly drab Thanksgiving like me (nothing horrible, just a little drab). And I thought “What can I do to cheer up Menzie if the turkey was kicking back on him, or Uncle Boomer was lecturing him on his pet/amateur theories on trade of the protectionist flavor??” “Or what if Menzie’s mother-in-law made that vomit-inducing bean casserole for him again?!?!?!?!

    And then it hit me, the thing that would lift Menzie’s spirits and re-invigorate his enthusiasm for the Winter holidays:

    Do I know how to tap into people’s deepest heartfelt yearnings or what people??

  7. David O'Rear

    Unless I’m badly mistaken, that graph shows foreign-invested manufacturing-for-export firms located in China, vs. whatever.
    Too few observers bother to recognize how poorly locally owned firms in China compare to the real exporters.

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