A Note on Comment Moderation

If are to include a link to a YouTube video in your comment, please be aware that it might take me an extended time period for me to get around to publishing said comment (if ever at all). I need to check the content of the video, and sometimes (like when teaching is underway, etc.), time is at a premium. Videos from an established media outfit (Reuters, Bloomberg, NY Times, WSJ, CNN, etc.) are not subject to this proviso.

16 thoughts on “A Note on Comment Moderation

      1. pgl

        I was using Youtube to find songs performed by the late David Crosby. But I have not put them up here. Maybe I should especially the one that laments the Kent St. massacre. Four dead in Ohio.

        1. Moses Herzog

          I go dark places in my head when I’m drinking. I don’t think I wanna watch that Kent St. one. Heh. Music with drink is like a personal therapist. Honest to God I don’t know why Menzie tolerates me. I spent 7 years embedded with his ethnicity?? Probably looks down on me for that, so, I don’t know. Some mainlandChinese told me the stereotype about Americans or westerners living inside China was “they were their own country’s ‘rejects’ ” I kinda laughed at them when they said this, mostly because there was a portion of truth in the stereotype. It’s also funny in the sense they think other nations’ “rejects” are the only types attracted to live in their home country. It speaks of a great inferiority complex. But that inferiority complex is completely unnecessary for a very very intelligent and complex and greatly capable people only held back by an archaic political ,party. I can except my ex_GF’s mom and /or my ex-GF not accepting me. What I can’t accept is my ex)GF being unhappy right now or her cigarette smoking father (seemingly my only supporter at the dinner) dying from Covd etc.

          1. pgl

            I often go to dark places when I’m having my morning coffee. Of course reader the comments from our Usual Suspects tends to do this to rational people.

      2. Moses Herzog

        I actually appreciate this reply. I trust you inherently, Please forgive my own insecurities.

  1. Econned

    What about comments that no not contain links to YouTube videos? I’ve noticed prolonged delays in comment publishing (delayed relative to the numerous other comments published with later timestamps). Not to mention a recent occurrence of a comment not being published at all.

    1. Moses Herzog

      Relax, that’s because the blog host knows all of us hate you. : )

      Joke. Kind of……

      Legal footnote: [ jokes while drinking are not the responsibility of the jokester ]

  2. Steven Kopits

    I am a bit perplexed by this policy. To the best of my knowledge, YouTube videos can be linked anywhere. Now, YouTube has fairly strict, if arbitrary, policies regarding violence, sex, etc., a headache to those Tubers investing huge efforts in bringing us near real time information from the war in Ukraine. But that is no impediment to Econbrowser. What’s the issue?

    1. Menzie Chinn Post author

      Steven Kopits: In a bid to minimize moderation efforts, I assume NYT links are ok. Anybody can put something on YouTube. Right now, I would be leery of Twitter links. Call me silly. If you think you can do better, please start your own blog and apply your moderation rules there.

      1. pgl

        Twitter is allowing things that even IG would ban. Content moderation on the internet has always been several steps removed from what would be acceptable in a good old fashion Southern Baptist church.

        BTW Stevie has a blog but no one seems to comment there. Go figure.

      2. Moses Herzog

        Sitting here on the last dregs of the bottle, I’m very glad Menzie has this blog policy, It shows he has his own morality code, to his own morality , and holding true, one’s own morality is the only one you can trust It shows there’s still a modicum of sanity left in the world, Which I find comforting on my last swallow of adult drink here.

    2. pgl

      “YouTube has fairly strict, if arbitrary, policies regarding violence, sex, etc.”

      Maybe they are better than Twitter but come on man – youtube allows a lot of dodgy stuff to remain up. So strict is not exactly the term I would use.

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