Mass Shooting Fatalities This Year Are Not So Bad If You Exclude “Illegal Immigrants” (read subhumans)

As defined by Governor Abbott:

Figure 1: Mass shooting fatalities excluding “immigrants” per Governor Abbott (blue bars), mass shooting fatalities of “immigrants”. Source: Mother Jones, press reports.

Governor Abbott originally claimed that the shooter “killed five illegal immigrants.” He has corrected that number to 4. The above graph reflects his correction.

Here is a picture of fatalities and wounded in mass shooting events over a longer span of time.

Figure 2: Mass shooting fatalities (red bars) and wounded (pink bars). Vertical scale truncated because of Las Vegas shooting. Source: Mother Jones database.

61 thoughts on “Mass Shooting Fatalities This Year Are Not So Bad If You Exclude “Illegal Immigrants” (read subhumans)

  1. Not Trampis

    alas you yanks want better gun controls but some polles obviously do not.

    Why in the hell are ARs allowed?

    1. pgl

      Especially for jerk who gets drunk and then starts shooting in his yard when everyone else is asleep. It sounds the calls to 911 were ignored.

    2. Moses Herzog

      Honestly, your endless chirping about America doesn’t bother me that much. But still, I’m left wondering…… what was the name of the American tourist who pissed in your mug of Victoria Bitter??

      1. Not Trampis


        The USa is an outlier when it comes to gun violence. As i consistently harp on there is no rational reason why Ars are allowed to be purchased and then used.
        it aint down under.

        I do not drink victoria bitter

    3. CoRev

      Not Trampis, what is an AR? What is an assault weapon? How can they be defined so that a law is written and enforceable? Why are there more guns in Australia today than since the buy-back was implemented?

      We have experience with the 1st three questions, and the difficulty in defining, writing and enforcing them is partially the cause for their failures.

      Unless you can answer these questions, why would you think your fellow liberals here can?

      The liberal mind is an amazing trash heap of inaccuracies.

      1. pgl

        You are such a worthless POS. What is an assault weapon? Damn – you are the most pointless piece of garbage God ever created.

        1. CoRev

          Ole Bark, bark, define an assault weapon. Or are you just going to run away with your tail between your legs , again?

          “Damn – ” living in your garbage filled head is an amazement.

    1. Anonymous

      how do civilized human call another human ‘sub human’

      if one can so believe that then how can that one be safe from acting atrociously?

      borrowing from voltaire

      1. pgl

        I call Ted Cruz subhuman because he is a racist POS. Now if he starts treating his fellow man as human, we will return the favor.


    Then why does Abbott support illegal immigration???? Like most elitists, you fall for his Schick, which is elitism.

    The biggest problem in gun deaths today is the “I am mad at you, so I’ll shoot you” phenom which is nothing new.

    1. Moses Herzog

      Thanks FAKE Karen James. You’re as enlightening as a “W” Bush symposium on English.

  3. CoRev

    ?Subhuman? Hatred and anger over conservative leadership is the paramount emotion. AFAIK, only liberals have used this term. Please show us Abbotts’ quote, but we have yours and several other liberals’ quotes to show.

    Where’s that list of successful liberal policies.

    Only the prejudiced (racist in Ole Bark bark’s commentary) liberal mind would think in this way.

    1. Menzie Chinn Post author

      CoRev: The German equivalent I believe was used by adherents of the Nationalist Socialist party of Germany. You should read some history.

      1. Moses Herzog

        The largest numbers of Oak tree species (160) is in Mexico.

        It is advised that if you are an intelligent being, not to jog underneath large Oak trees. Just saying……. But non-intelligent people may undertake the risk. In a large metro area (and even rural areas) there is a weird choice: Jog/run under large Oak tree or DO NOT jog/run under Oak tree. It could be intelligence via poor genetics which could result in making the former choice.

      2. CoRev

        Menzie, did you actually mean to imply liberals using the term ?Subhuman? equates to the Nationalist Socialist party of Germany? I’ll repeat: “AFAIK, only liberals have used this term. Please show us Abbotts’ quote, but we have yours and several other liberals’ quotes to show.”

        The hate and anger contained in the liberal mind is an amazement.

        1. Noneconomist

          A fool on this site recently suggested rocks can be as dangerous as semi-automatic weapons. He mentioned David who needed only one of a bag of four rocks from a nearby stream to vanquish a much larger foe.
          The fool insisted such a load of rocks could kill as effectively as an AR-15, capable of firing 45 RPM with no need to return to the stream to replenish his ammunition presuming his bag contains another clip.
          Of course, the fool, realizing finally how foolish he looked and sounded, denied ever suggesting such silliness.
          Proving even fools, occasionally but not often can come to their senses.

      1. CoRev

        Ole Bark, bark, we see you misreading and misinterpreting comments, but this comment takes the cake. I even highlighted the term subhumans. Now you claim this term: subhumans, was used by Abbott?

        Realizing you being the lesser intelligent and angriest on this site, but if you are going provide a reference please, please read it for applicable content.

        Please install a shower in your head so that this STUFF doesn’t stick permanently for those of us living in it.
        The nastiness of the liberal brain is an amazement.

        1. Noneconomist

          The fool speaks really believing others will cheer his intuitive brilliance, not realizing others know he’s a fool.

          1. CoRev

            Noneconomist, your arguments are getting weaker. When resorting to name calling, the argument is lost.

            It’s an amazement living in these weak minded heads.

          2. pgl

            CoRev’s pathetic little rant appears to be something like this – when Tucker Carlson or Greg Abbott smears people from Central America, it makes a big difference whether the precise term was “illegal alien” or “subhuman”. Of course, the release of Tucker Carlson’s various statements clearly shows how much disdain Tucker has for all Hispanics, blacks, Jews, women etc.

            Oh wait Gov. Abbott and Tucker Carlson are two different people. After all – it was not Tucker who joined Senator Cruz is that boat when they pretended they were shooting at Hispanics. Yea trying to kill a Hispanic is AOK with CoRev so long as one avoided the precise term subhuman.

          3. pgl

            May 3, 2023 at 3:40 am
            Noneconomist, your arguments are getting weaker.”

            Seriously CoRev? His arguments are a million times stronger than your worthless trash.

        2. pgl

          Did you outsource your comments to an old version of ChatGPT? After all – your gibberish is just pathetic. Try this fool:

          GOP Gov. Greg Abbott Ripped For ‘Despicable’ Characterization Of Mass Shooting Victims
          “Star Trek” actor George Takei and chef José Andrés slammed the pro-gun Texas Republican’s use of dehumanizing language.

          “Star Trek” actor George Takei led the chorus of criticism of Abbott’s labeling of the victims. “This is despicable,” he wrote. “I would have thought bringing up the immigration status of the innocent victims of this senseless violence would be beneath even you. But I was wrong.” Celebrity chef José Andrés urged Abbott to “show some empathy,” noting how “nobody is illegal in heaven.” Texas state Sen. Roland Gutierrez described it as a “new low” for Abbott. Others agreed.

          I guess little CoRev disagrees as little CoRev is a proud member of the KKK.

          1. CoRev

            LMAO at Ole Bark, bark’s confirmation the only liberals are using the term subhuman. It wasn’t Abbott, just angry, racist, liberals, who used this despicably racist term.

            BTW, the subhuman Hispanic shooter, (the liberal description) was arrested along with several other friends and family members this AM.

            Living in your angry, racist, and illiterate (learn to read the comments) head is an amazement.

          2. baffling

            this would have made it illegal for him to own an assault rifle. and yet he did. enforcement of laws is pretty lax in conservative texas.

          3. Noneconomist

            “When resorting to name calling”?
            Weak minded angry racist illiterate liberals? Must not qualify!
            In the fool’s Bible, there exists non sinners who may freely cast stones at anyone at any time.

          4. CoRev

            Baffled, “?this? would have made it illegal for him to own an assault rifle. and yet he did. enforcement of laws is pretty lax in conservative texas.” This? Your solution is to add even more unenforceable/unenforced laws?

            Or did you mean his subhuman illegal Hispanic status should have prevented his getting a gun? Of course that leads to the question which border approach, Trump’s v Biden’s, better impacts illegal crossings?

            The illogical, irrational liberal mind is an amazement.

          5. pgl

            “liberals are using the term subhuman. It wasn’t Abbott, just angry, racist, liberals, who used this despicably racist term.”

            Tucker Carlson uses “subhuman” as I already noted to you. Oh I see racist Tucker is a liberal according to little CoRev.

    2. pgl

      “Where’s that list of successful liberal policies.”

      Brady Bill until your NRA buddies put more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

      1994 Assault Weapons Ban which worked for 10 years until your NRA buddies refused to renew it.

      Now CoRev – if John Lott is too busy to send you fake research – try Mary Rosh.

      1. CoRev

        Ole Bark, bark: “1994 Assault Weapons Ban which worked for 10 years until your NRA buddies refused to renew it. ” but research actually shows: “Study Shows Brady Bill Had No Impact on Gun Homicides ”

        As I remember, the actual issue was that the original definition for the gun(s) to control was ill defined or unenforceable over time. If ot can;t be defined then it can;lt be controlled. Reminds me a lot of ?Climate? Change.

        Fuzzy definitions used in liberal minds is an amazement.

          1. CoRev

            You’re correct, I grabbed the wrong line in his comment.
            Care to define an assault weapon? It was one of the sticking points between legislators drafting this law. If you can’t define it you can’t control/ban/ impact it. Just like Climate versus “hiatus” or whatever you fuzzy brained folks think it means.

    3. pgl

      conservative leadership? Leadership? I guess the fact that Texas is leading the nation in needless gun deaths is your idea of how Abbott’s pro-NRA stances is real leadership.

    4. Macroduck

      “AFAIK, only liberals have used this term.”

      The extent of your knowledge is not a very large chuck of all knowledge. The internet makes it easy to rely on something other than your own selective knowledge. You should try it sometime

      CoVid has recently taken to droning on and on about “the liberal mind”. He seems to reduce every issue to a gross generalization of liberal vs conservative, and to assert that liberals are always wrong. Over and over and over. Not a whole lot of thought going into that. There is a lack of discrimination in CoVid’s thinking, and a lack of discrimination is one clear indicator of a lack of intelligence.

      “discrimination, in psychology, the ability to perceive and respond to differences among stimuli. It is considered a more advanced form of learning than generalization (q.v.), the ability to perceive similarities,…”

      “Epistemologist Gregory Bateson defined intelligence as the ability to make fine distinctions.”

      CoVid ain’t making any fine distictions here. Not a surprise, just an observation.

      1. CoRev

        Living deeper into another head. 😉

        Just refute the points made, but that’s not the angry reality denying liberal mind does. Living in these heads is an amazement.

        1. baffling

          how about the idiot who has a coronary event that nearly cost him his life, and rather accept responsibility for the event through a lifetime of poor eating and healthy habits, he blamed the problem on some fictional drug he may or may not have consumed that clogged his arteries. even when confronted with death, covid still cannot make a rational analysis of a situation. my guess is he had his bacon and egg breakfast this morning, with a cheeseburger this afternoon.

          1. CoRev

            Baffled, bwa, ha ha, another head in which to reside.

            Its amazement watching the irrational denial of obvious failure of preferred renewable electricity source policies. Tilting at windmills?

          2. baffling

            corev, it begs the question, if a fool who nearly died of a coronary event cannot even acknowledge the truth of that event, on what topic can he comment honestly? for you, the answer is none. if you cannot even acknowledge your own fault in your medical predicament, how can you comment on any other topic and be taken seriously. you have lied about your own medical problems simply to avoid acknowledging you made poor life decisions over the years. that makes any other comment you make suspect from the beginning. once you lose integrity, it is difficult to get it back. most kids understand this concept.

          3. CoRev

            Baffled, Baffled, bwa, ha ha, I’m still residing in your head.

            Living in here with the inept and desperate comparison(s) is an amazement.

    5. Ivan

      Yes the right wingers are excluding the word “subhumans” even as they have all kind of dog whistles to express the concept. Liberals simply call them out.

      1. CoRev

        Ivan, another example of liberal’s denial of their own racism. “Yes the right wingers are excluding the word “subhumans”…” Please stop the subconscious racist projections.

        Another liberal head in which I am living.

  4. Moses Herzog

    Maybe someone should tell Greg Abbott that if handicapped people get shot “it doesn’t really matter” or doesn’t “count”?? (I don’t subscribe to such beliefs, but maybe Abbott might start to get a slight idea what a jackass he is by wording things inhumanely just for political gains??) If I worked for the right publication (Rolling Stone “back in the day”) I would be very tempted to ask him that question point blank face-to-face and then (after Abbott feigned to be “hurt” and “offended”) ask the follow up question “Then, supreme ass-hole, why do you think it means little when immigrants are violently killed in America??”

    1. pgl

      The shame is this family moved to Texas to escape the violence in Honduras. Which reminds me that Princeton Steve keeps telling us people move from Central America solely because of wage differentials. Then again Stevie too is a racist POS.

  5. joseph

    Reminiscent of Kopits claiming that the U.S. had the best healthcare in the world if you didn’t count Black people,

  6. joseph

    And, as with Abbott, Kopits claim isn’t true even if you accept his absurd premise.

    1. pgl

      Exactly. Of course, it seems our CoRev is celebrating the deaths of these Hispanics. Yea – he is that kind of dude.

      1. CoRev

        Why the racism? “Of course, it seems our CoRev is celebrating the deaths of these Hispanics.” I didn’t even know they were Hispanics. Is it that they are Hispanics that you liberals consider them subhuman?

        How racist is the liberal mind is an amazement.

        1. pgl

          Dude – your calling other people racist (when they are not) is not going to get those stains off your KKK uniform. Stop being cheap and take your robes to the dry cleaners.

  7. pgl

    In anticipation of the routine CoRev lies dressed up as John Lott research, let’s all remember the recent story supported by this:

    Throughout the year, our legal experts track and analyze gun legislation in all 50 states, assigning laws and policies point
    values based on their respective strengths or weaknesses. States are ranked and given letter grades, which are then compared to the most recent gun death rates released by the CDC. Since we started this project in 2010, the evidence has been clear and consistent: strong gun laws save lives, but only in the states that are willing to act.

    The right wingers like CoRev has been trying to tell the world New York is high gun violence in spite of its gun control laws. But click on NY and see why our grade is A- whereas Greg Abbott’s Texas (conservative leadership according to CoRev) gets an F (back by the facts – which of course CoRev will deny).

    1. Noneconomist

      This site’s most prominent self-styled oracle—the one and only CR—celebrates his intuitive brilliance and his encyclopedic knowledge, continually unaware that a large majority considers him a fool.
      Like others who seek to claim this mantle, he rattles on, believing he has an audience listening to his every word. Comically, he dares others to refute his foolish ramblings, constantly proving the difficulty of freeing the fool from his self imposed chains.

      1. CoRev

        😉 Noneconomist another head in which to reside. 😉
        Yup, a 2 smile worthy comment.

          1. baffling

            yep. you see nobody come to covid’s defense on this site. even fools like econned know better than to support somebody like covid.

  8. pgl

    CoRev’s favorite border patrol agent:

    ‘Guats,’ ‘Tonks’ and ‘Subhuman Shit’: The Shocking Texts of a Border Patrol Agent
    How an Arizona officer accused of hitting a migrant with his truck could put his agency’s toxic culture on trial

    Read the whole thing as the behavior of Matthew Bowen makes me ill. But yea – this is the garbage created by Trump, Abbott, and their ilk.

  9. pgl

    Midtown Atlanta is enduring someone who wants to commit mass murder. One dead 3 wounded and he is still on the loose. I had to check Google Maps and the scene is less than a mile from where I used to live.

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