Jackboots in Popular Discourse, or “Where did we really see (govt) jackboots?”

In defending the Kudlow alternative math calculation of net job gains in first 30 months of the Trump and Biden administrations, Mr. Bruce Hall writes:

I guess that Joe Biden single-handedly made those jobs [in leisure and hospitality] reappear when the jackboots came off the necks of business owners.

I then wondered when we last saw government jackboots suppressing peaceful civilian activity. Oh, it was this:

Source: Politico.

From Graff in Politico (2020):

Few sights from the nation’s protests in recent days have seemed more dystopian than the appearance of rows of heavily-armed riot police around Washington in drab military-style uniforms with no insignia, identifying emblems or name badges. Many of the apparently federal agents have refused to identify which agency they work for. “Tell us who you are, identify yourselves!” protesters demanded, as they stared down the helmeted, sunglass-wearing mostly white men outside the White House. Eagle-eyed protesters have identified some of them as belonging to Bureau of Prisons’ riot police units from Texas, but others remain a mystery.

It just strikes me that references to jackbooted government agents (or more recently Nazi’s) are made by people who are happy to have demonstrations (by people who happen to be predominantly non-white) quashed, books banned, and transgendered individuals suppressed. It all gives true meaning to the term “projection”.



93 thoughts on “Jackboots in Popular Discourse, or “Where did we really see (govt) jackboots?”

  1. Macroduck

    I approve of this message.

    Here’s a little reminder of Stevie’s views:

    “You may think you’re being neutral and analytical, Menzie, but any conservative reader would interpret you as biased and advocating for the left. (It’s why fascists burn books when given the chance.)”

    So, an effort at neutral analysis is seen as biased by conservatives, which is why fascists burn books. This strikes me as completely true. I’m just surprised that Stevie was so honest about it.

  2. pgl

    The Story Behind Bill Barr’s Unmarked Federal Agents
    The motley assortment of police currently occupying Washington, D.C., is a window into the vast, complicated, obscure world of federal law enforcement.

    Who knew? Bruce Hall is the leader of Antifi?

  3. 2slugbaits

    They look like a bunch of fat and out-of-shape white guys trying to recapture their imagined youth; i.e., the typical fuel guzzling truck owning MAGA supporter.

  4. pgl

    “The images of such military-style men in America’s capital are disconcerting, in part, because absent identifying signs of actual authority the rows of federal officers appear all-but indistinguishable from the open-carrying, white militia members cosplaying as survivalists who have gathered in other recent protests against pandemic stay-at-home orders.”

    Now we know why Brucie is so interest in jackboots. Brucie was one of the “open-carrying, white militia members cosplaying as survivalists”. Yea Brucie’s complaints about pandemic stay-at-home orders gives him away.

  5. Manfred

    If everything under Biden is going so well, so swimmingly, then why are Biden and his sidekick Kamala so unpopular?
    The calls for them to step aside are getting louder and louder – from the Left.
    On the other hand, it is probably all those unwashed masses, without degrees from Harvard and Berkeley, those deplorables, that cling to their guns and religion, that are brainwashed by the monopoly of the right wing media. That must be it.

    1. pgl

      “why are Biden and his sidekick Kamala so unpopular?”

      Since you decided to ask – there is an easy answer to why you and your good buddies hate the Vice President. We know you are a racist and it stands to reason that the people you hang with are also racist.

      Now – any more easy questions?

      1. Moses Herzog

        Republicans don’t even like their own VP anymore. He isn’t singing verbatim from the donald trump cult hymnal anymore. Pence is about to find that out the hard way in the early primaries.

      1. Ivan

        That may well be why Trump like the poorly educated. He would hug them like a flag, or hold them upside down like a bible, if they weren’t so dirty.

    2. Macroduck


      I assume now that you can see the evidence with your own eyes, you’ll accept that “it is probably all those unwashed masses…that cling to their guns and religion, that are brainwashed by the monopoly of the right wing media.” YOU aren’t simply brainwashed, are you? Evidence is evidence, right?

      Reply ↓

    3. Noneconomist

      Manny’s back!
      Hard workin’ self styled family man Manny, who’s on record here as not having much time to kibitz on unimportant topics , has made a triumphant return to discuss jackboots and Joe Biden’s popularity. We can be sure when there are important topics to discuss, Manny will gladly pause his everyday pursuits to fire on all cylinders.
      Like Caesar, Manny comes, he sees, he conquers. Then he goes back to being Manny.
      Bravo Manny. Come back soon.

  6. Macroduck

    Claudia Sahm has taken the oddity of poor consumer confidence readings relative to economic performance seriously:


    Isn’t it nice that we have a few people who take things seriously?

    Still, Sahm seems to have missed the fact that there is an historically strong divergence in sentiment between political parties. See 5b from this menu:


    This political rift in public mood fits, however, with Sahm’s thesis that a social element explains the gap between actual conditions and perceptions. When people like Stevie carry on about jackboots without any connection to reality, he is furthering the split in society.

    Let’s remember that the right has long worked to exploit social divisions. Nixon’s southern strategy, as a part of a wider effort to turn poor whites against poor blacks. Reagan’s anti-labor, anti-government worker, welfare-queen rhetoric. Anti-immigrant rhetoric. The effort to make “liberal” a dirty word. Every word that Trump ever spoke as president. Ginning up fear and discontentment to convince people to vote against their own interests succeeds when fear and discontentment are higher than in the past for any set of circumstances. What we are seeing is the fruit of a vast right-wing conspiracy. Stevie is a participant, though he may lack the self-awareness to be an actual conspirator.

  7. Macroduck

    Recognition that Russia is behind much of the “narrative” about Ukraine that Johnny favors is spreading:


    Johnny loves him some narrative.

    Brroking cites blogs, but blogs are just a particular case. The effort is broader than that. Just because you hear useful-to-Russia spin out in the world, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Especially if Johnny is the one spreading it.

    1. JohnH

      Michael Brenner: “The United States is being defeated in Ukraine. One could say that it is facing defeat – or, more starkly, that it is staring defeat in the face. Neither formulation is appropriate, though. The U.S. doesn’t look reality squarely in the eye. We prefer to look at the world through the distorted lenses of our fantasies. We plunge forward on whatever path we’ve chosen while averting our eyes from the topography that we are trying to traverse. Our sole guiding light is the glow of a distant mirage. That is our lodestone.

      It is not that America is a stranger to defeat. We are very well acquainted with it: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria – in strategic terms if not always military terms. To this broad category, we might add Venezuela, Cuba, and Niger. ” https://scheerpost.com/2023/09/21/michael-brenner-defeat/

      “Michael Brenner is Professor Emeritus of International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh and a Fellow of the Center for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS/Johns Hopkins. He was the Director of the International Relations & Global Studies Program at the University of Texas….His research interests focus on American foreign policy, international relations theory, international political economy and national security. Mr. Brenner has previously worked at the Foreign Service Institute, the U.S. Department of Defense and Westinghouse.” https://www.theglobalist.com/contributors/michael-j-brenner/

      But to Tricky Ducky, anything that does not parrot Washington’s talking points about Ukraine is just a Russian influence operation, even if it comes for highly credentialed American American sources with extensive expertise in the subject area.

      1. Macroduck

        Oh, goodies. Johnny has found someone who agrees with him!

        So the guy who has never condemned Putin for the lives lost, the torture, the rape and kidnapping committed as a result of his war on Ukraine wants to tell you what to think about my thinking? Johnny, who employs every cheap trick there is to denigrate views contrary to his own, but whose own views are very often contrary to fact, wants you ignore Russia’s persistent use of fifth column operatives – operatives who behave pretty much just like Johnny, but without the patina of ignorance.

        Johnny, I understand your goals – you want to direct blame away from Putin and create divisions in the U.S. That’s what your masters want, so it’s what you try to do.

        What I can’t figure out is who you think your audience is. You have to figure that readers of comments here are mostly either university educated or on their way to a university education, but you keep employing junior high debating tricks and “my surrogate daddy can beat up your surrogate daddy” links as if we’re in a lunch room in a bad movie. You’re an embarrassment.

      2. 2slugbaits

        JohnH A lot of flowery words from Mr. Brenner, but mighty short on analysis. Brenner might fashion himself as an expert on international affairs, but he’s doesn’t have any expertise in the field of military science. Russia’s only hope of “winning” its “special military operation” is if the West quits supporting Ukraine. Right now the big question is which happens first: Western governments pulling the plug or Putin falling out of a 10th story window.

        1. pgl

          Notice how Jonny boy responds to the fact he got caught lying by changing the subject. Jonny boy is a lot like Trump in this way.

      3. Noneconomist

        Not difficult to notice how excited JH gets when he discusses Ukraine losing, Even better when he includes the U,S, as well. Combine that with his faux handwringing on the futility of war and you have this site’s number one forked tongue hypocrite in full bloom.
        Sure, he says he’s anti-war if you don’t include the Russian invasion along with th thousands of civilian deaths that would be preventable if the Russian troops were still at home in Russia. He’s pro Russia, pro Putin with no plans to change. The sooner the old Soviet empire can be rebuilt, the happier he’ll be.
        He can always find someONE who agrees with him. A while back he crowed about an anti Ukraine piece by Jeffrey Sachs but failed to note the verbal spanking given Sachs by 300 prominent academics including more than a few of his colleagues at Columbia.
        We know JohnH is a fraud. So does he, but so enjoys parading here as a concerned citizen, best friend of workers everywhere
        By now, he must be dressing in fire retardant pants. Whatever, he’s toast. Burnt at that.

        1. pgl

          “parading here as a concerned citizen, best friend of workers everywhere”

          The UAW is on strike. Has Jonny boy said one word about this? Of course not.

          The screen writers struck Hollywood and got a lot of favorable result. Has little Jonny boy said anything on this? Of course not.

          No Jonny boy is not interested in the rights of workers unless it gets him an invitation to Fox and Friends.

    2. Ivan

      It is clear that there are fact-deficient narratives on the Ukraine invasion that are pervading the US right wing space and serving Putins agenda. Some of it may be designed and pushed by Putin from scratch – but most are just accelerated by the Russian propaganda machine. Manipulating the information space is something Putin is absolutely expert as because he has insisted on retaining a thin cover of democracy and elections over his brutal dictatorship. The useful idiots of the US right wing are no match for these professional Russian master manipulators.

    3. pgl

      We then searched transcripts for keywords tied to four prominent propaganda narratives. These include the claims that: (1) Ukraine is filled with Nazis; (2) the United States and Ukraine are maintaining or have supported the development of bioweapons facilities in Ukraine; (3) the United States was responsible for the explosion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline; and (4) the Bucha massacre was a false flag operation.

      Jonny boy has made all four of these false narratives. His attempts to claim the second in particular was a laugh riot.

      Jonny boy even came up with a 5th claim which was his lie that Zelensky’s wife used aid money to buy an Egyptian mansion valued at over $4 million.

      Yea Jonny boy tells a lot of lies. But forgive the little boy as lying is his only talent.

    1. Menzie Chinn Post author

      Econned: I don’t know many current or former CDC staffers personally, but of that small sample, I don’t recall any of them wearing jackboots. If you know of any CDC staffers who do regularly wear jackboots in their official capacities, I would welcome documentation.

      1. Econned

        Menzie Chinn,
        Shame-shame. You aren’t being honest here…
        1) the jackboot by Bruce Hall was clearly rhetorical. Here’s Merriam-Webster’s 2nd entry to assist you:
        “the spirit or policy of militarism or totalitarianism”

        2) the jackboot by you (i.e. the above picture) isn’t actually there. Here’s Merriam-Webster’s 1st entry to assist you:
        “a heavy military boot made of glossy black leather extending above the knee and worn especially during the 17th and 18th centuries” and “a laceless military boot reaching to the calf”

        Nice try… but you failed. Again.

        1. Menzie Chinn Post author

          Econned: Well, since originalism is all the rage these days, I’ll go to Wikipedia:

          The term originally denoted tall ‘winged’ leather cavalry boots, which were reinforced against sword blows by use of mail sewn into the lining of the leather.

          So I stand corrected. I now sure I have never seen a CDC official or a Bureau of Prisons office wear a jackboot.

          1. Econned

            Menzie Chinn,
            Your response to Merriam-Webster’s is Wikipedia? Oh, how desperate (the self-assumed) mighty have become. At least you admit to being “corrected” despite your reference still not, ain’t the slightest, acknowledging the alternative definition as Bruce Hall intended. “Originalism” – ahahahaha.

          2. pgl

            September 25, 2023 at 12:36 pm

            Anyone who would write something so petty and utterly stupid as this reply from Econned has never been interested in an honest conversation. But we know that about Econned a long time ago.

        2. Macroduck


          If any effort at all to protect the public from individual behavior is equated to the activity of “jack-bootrd thugs”, then we’re well away from mere rhetorical flourishes and into rhetorical excess.

          Shame-shame yourself, you weasel.

          1. pgl

            The term jackboot was introduced by Bruce Hall not Dr. Chinn. Now if Econned wants to suggest this term is misplaced – fine but he should be criticizing the person who introduced it. But NOOOO – Econned cannot go after little Brucie boy for some reason. Go figure!

        3. pgl

          “the jackboot by Bruce Hall was clearly rhetorical.”

          No jacka$$ – he was serious. You are the liar here. And you are trying to defend a very disgusting thread of thought. Par for the course with you.

        4. pgl

          “a heavy military boot made of glossy black leather extending above the knee and worn especially during the 17th and 18th centuries”

          Did you mommy look that up for here? Yea – you are the most pointless troll ever. Carry on.

      2. pgl

        “Two jackboots doesn’t make a right”

        The way he wrote this makes me wonder if he gets that most people have two feet. OK one of those feet would require a left jackboot. Yea – a silly consideration but everything Econned has ever said is just stupid. This obnoxious comment in particular.

  8. pgl

    The term jackboots dates back to at least the 1990’s when even the NRA had to apologize for the abuse of this term:

    Nra Apologizes For `Jack Boot’ Letter
    May 18, 1995
    Richard Keil/AP
    WASHINGTON – The National Rifle Association has apologized for a recent fund-raising letter that described some federal agents as “jack-booted thugs.” “I really feel bad about the fact that the words in that letter have been interpreted to apply to all federal law-enforcement officers,” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said in a telephone interview from Phoenix. “If anyone thought the intention was to paint all federal law-enforcement officials with the same broad brush, I’m sorry, and I apologize,” LaPierre said yesterday.

    The apology drew cautious approval from Attorney General Janet Reno today. “I trust that the level of communication now will go forward in a thoughtful and respectful way,” she said. But later she said, “They like to call names rather than to pursue matters in a thoughtful and constructive way.” LaPierre’s apology comes after a week of steadily mounting criticism of the NRA. It began May 10 when former President Bush revealed he had resigned from the group to protest the letter. Earlier this week, President Clinton joined the critics and praised Bush. Rep. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., a longtime gun-control advocate, today introduced a House resolution urging the NRA to present to its members a statement condemning the use of inflammatory language by the group’s leaders and pledging not to use it in the future. Republican Senate Leader Bob Dole, a longtime NRA member, said he was “pleased” by LaPierre’s apology.


    Even hot head Wayne LaPierre apologized for the abuse of this term. If little Brucie had ounce of decency – he would retract his disgusting and stupid comments. But of course little Brucie won’t.

    “The NRA has done the right thing. They should not have used some of that language in the first place,” Dole said on the Senate floor.

  9. Moses Herzog

    They had donald trump’s hostage envoy on “Face the Nation” yesterday, and he was talking about how “under trump we were always thinking about national security”. If I had been drinking anything I would have spit it up onto my sad excuse for a lounge chair. Here is Robert O’Brien, the lapdog of the bastard orange “leader” who sat there and told the nation he trusted Vladimir Putin more than America’s own intelligence apparatus, was “always concerned” with national security, also using extortion of a East European ally to dig up imaginary dirt on his political contenders, and also asking a bunch of white trash illiterates to violently storm the nation’s capitol, and refusing to send in National Guard troops while Capitol police got murdered, but sits there while congressional leaders lives were in danger on Jan 6th, and put out a “wanted dead or alive” assassination orders on his own VP for not turning over a democratic election, lecturing Biden on “national security”.

    O’Brien, “big surprise” also wouldn’t commit on whether he was going to work for donald trump in the future, the only way donald trump ever gets anyone to support him, a held out job seat where they do nothing.

    Of course the lady posing as a “journalist”, Margaret Brennan, who hosts “Face the Nation” never asked him that follow up question that all of the above actions under trump posit, as to what in the hell the bastard ever did, that had “national security” at its root rather than his own self-serving manipulation of functionally illiterates such as Bruce Hall.

      1. Moses Herzog

        I hope miss shallow of the high heels on NBC did better than AWOL on Sunday Brennan with O’Brien’s questioning. Getting rid of Todd was a pure cynical ratings play. They might as well grab some girl off of PH, it’s about as substantive. Her first big interview~~throwing lobbed slow softballs at donald trump. NBC is supposed to be liberal media?? FOX couldn’t have given the orange abomination a better handjob.

  10. Bruce Hall

    LOL! Menzie, you’ve outdone yourself with this one. One simple police cordon keeping order during demonstrations is exactly the same as millions of people losing their jobs and businesses because the government crushes the economy with shutdowns (while the elite go to restaurants and get their hair styled at the supposedly closed establishments — closed to the peons).

    I think my metaphor was more appropriate than your spin on a picture.

    But we’re all entitled to our opinions… except of course for COVID and global warming.

    1. 2slugbaits

      Bruce Hall In case you forgot, in order to slow the spread of COVID the government didn’t just shut down businesses; it also took care of those who lost their jobs with generous benefits. In fact, as I recall you seemed to have expressed quite a bit of white grievance over people getting money for not working. That doesn’t sound like the kind of government action that would justify the “jackboot” epithet.

      As to COVID and global warming, yes you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own science.

        1. pgl

          I see why you failed to provide this link the first time. It does not say what you were claiming. But we knew that since you lie about EVERYTHING. But come Brucie – read the end:

          At the same time, Newsom bemoaned the partisan nature of the pandemic and how every decision by he and counterparts in other states and the White House were all viewed through a partisan prism. “It should be alarming to all of us that that all of a sudden health became partisan,” he said. “And that’s something we’re going to pay a big price, you’re right, going forward. But it won’t break us because we’re remarkably resilient.”

          He is talking about right wing clowns like you. But do continue with your lies. I hear Kelly Anne Conway is getting a divorce so maybe your sucking up to her might get you laid.

          1. Bruce Hall


            Sure, you didn’t expect Newsom to say, “I was wrong. I shut down everything and created an atmosphere of terror while I went out to restaurants with my friends. I set back education for years and increase poverty because I acted out of ignorance even when many doctors were saying these practices were wrong and counter-productive.”

            Nah, he wouldn’t say that. It’s “we” were all mistaken. You listen to Karine Jean-Pierre too much.

          2. Menzie Chinn Post author

            Bruce Hall: I find it interesting that of all the people you disparagingly cite, it’s Karine Jean-Pierre. Is there a reason? It’s not like the Biden White House was mentioned in the post or your comments on this post.

            Inquiring minds would like to know.

          3. pgl

            Bruce Hall
            September 26, 2023 at 8:57 am

            Bruce Hall’s mendacity has no bounds. Dude – you have been lying for over 3 years. And your ideas of what to do makes Trump’s stupidity and incompetence look smart by comparison.

            Look – your mom saved you during this pandemic. So have a little respect for her and stop embarrassing your entire family with your serial stupid garbage.

          4. Moses Herzog

            @ Professor Chinn
            One of the unscientific but persuasive tests here, could be to go over all of Brucie Baby’s comments here from the past and see how many times he mentioned Jen Psaki, who had the exact same job for 1 year, and very similar such jobs for an added 7 years. Spending 98% of her time defending the very same policies Brucie Baby hates—on a high-profile platform.

        2. 2slugbaits

          Bruce Hall Try reading your own link. Newsom said that he was wrong in being too accommodating to the film industry by allowing looser standards. What he was alluding to was balancing restrictions against population density. Parts of California have a dense population and parts have a sparse population. Allowing for more local control might have been a better approach. OTOH, my Republican governor rejected local control advocated by the urban counties and insisted upon a statewide relaxation of standards that prohibited local control. But we all know what your preferred policy would have been; viz., no restrictions so as to ensure that ensure the weak, the poor and (especially) non-whites die from COVID.

          Judith Curry is a joke. Whether climate change is natural or manmade is settled science. What’s unsettled are the when and how bad it will get.

          1. pgl

            “Judith Curry is a joke.”

            Indeed. But her garbage is Brucie’s gospel. Let’s face it – Brucie is even dumber than CoRev.

          2. Bruce Hall


            “Settled science”… the mantra of idiots who are not scientists. Dr. Curry was Professor and Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I guess that makes her a joke to an economist who knows far more about climate. The very nature of science is that it is subject to constant change and challenge. But climate? Nah, we all know everything about that. Please identify your specific disagreements with this, for example:

            The reality is that, while everyone will agree that earth has warmed from a particularly cool period of the 1880s, there is more disagreement than agreement about the drivers and dynamics of climate. But there is certainly agreement that money can drive the narrative.

          3. Bruce Hall

            And since some of you find Newsom’s insincere apology about his COVID policies as lacking support for the metaphorical jackboot COVID policies, maybe the study by Johns Hopkins economist, Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics and Founder & Co-Director of The Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise… more in your bailiwick. Of course, he is not in your school of economics thought so….

            But, hey, settled science.

          4. pgl

            Bruce Hall
            September 26, 2023 at 9:10 am

            In case you have any doubts that Bruce Hall is even dumber than CoRev – this comment should put those doubts to rest.

          5. pgl

            ‘the study by Johns Hopkins economist, Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics and Founder & Co-Director of The Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise’

            Brucie is still pushing this discredited BS? Our host took down this junk a long time ago.

            Yea – Bruce Hall’s mendacity has no bounds.

          6. Noneconomist

            To illustrate slugs’ point on California’s population differences: The state’s most NE counties—Modoc, Lassen, Plumas, and Sierra— stretch 200+ miles from the Oregon border to I-80, E of metro Sacramento and W of Reno. Absolutely gorgeous country, home to a four county population of about 61,000.
            Not too far W on I-80 is Sacramento County, population 1.6 million. And not too far W is the the Greater Bay Area, population around 8 million.

          7. 2slugbaits

            pgl Brucie is still pushing this [Steve Hanke paper] discredited BS? Our host took down this junk a long time ago.

            My favorite concerned some COVID advice he linked to from some fraud pretending to be a qualified doctor. It turns out that the guy got in trouble for running a cancer clinic. He told his patients they didn’t need chemotherapy…just normal exercise would cure their cancer. Of course, Bruce was utterly clueless about this guy and never bothered to do due diligence. He just saw some link from a fraudster that was going around the MAGA-sphere and he reflexively believed it. I don’t think Bruce is inherently stupid in the sense of having a low IQ, but his brain shows telltale signs of what some psychologists refer to as “the conservative brain.”

          8. 2slugbaits

            Bruce Hall more in your bailiwick. Of course, he is not in your school of economics thought

            Just to be clear, while I studied economics in college, I do not consider myself an economist. By profession I was an operations research analyst (econometric and math heavy optimization models) with the US Army. So if I have a “bailiwick” it would probably be the war in Ukraine.

          9. Ivan

            “The very nature of science is that it is subject to constant change and challenge”
            Absolutely, but not by morons who “publish” their “research” on a blog rather than in the scientific literature. Maybe she is doing that because the scientific literature would never allow publications from someone who draw climate conclusions based on a short and cherry-picked time series and dataset. Anyone with even the most rudimentary science background can look at that blog post and understand why it was not published in the scientific literature. I love a good contrarian, but not if they are also morons who cut corners in a desperate attempt to “support” their claims that they are right and everybody else is wrong. That is just pathetic and SAD.

        3. pgl

          2slug – Bruce Hall is being dishonest as usual. The Governor of California does not agree with Bruce at all. Could we have had more test and trace? Could we done more with masks? That’s the real message from the smart governor. But back in 2020 our President was too stupid to push these measures. And so was Bruce Hall.

      1. pgl

        Brucie started this by providing two links neither one claiming what this lying troll said. That’s our Brucie – can’t even be honest about his own damn links.

    2. Manfred

      Do not worry , Bruce.
      PhDs from Berkeley that supported this administration blindly simply cannot take it that Joe Biden and his sidekick Kamala is polling so badly.
      They simply cannot take it that Eric Adams in NYC, a consummate Democrat, said that Joe Biden’s immigration policies are “destroying New York City”.
      All of that is of course memory-holed.
      Thus, they have to change the subject by showing you police pictures. Despite protestations by all those high flying PhDs from supposedly august departments of economics (and I am counting Jeffy The Hahvahd guy in it, too), this administration is simply on free fall. And they have no idea with whom to replace Joe Biden and the sidekick Kamala.
      And that, my friend, is the despair of the lemmings of this administration.
      Remember, Susan Rice, who was Barack Obama’s agent in the White House during this administration, resigned the day after Old Joe announced this bid for reelection.
      Coincidence? Not a chance.
      As Miguel de Cervantes says in his book: Ladran Sancho, señal que cabalgamos.

      1. pgl

        Hey Manfred – maybe you are too stupid to have noticed. Bruce Hall lies even more than your hero Donald Trump. Now if you and Econned want to go down the rabbit hole with this troll, be my guest.

      2. pgl

        They simply cannot take it that Eric Adams in NYC, a consummate Democrat, said that Joe Biden’s immigration policies are “destroying New York City”.

        He is my mayor. And you are grossly misrepresenting what our mayor is saying. Then again – you are a racist MAGA moron so I guess this is exactly what we should expect from you.

    1. Ivan

      This will be a test of Xi. His right wing impulses will tell him to let the reckless investors take it on the chin (or lower). Yet the economy and housing markets cannot handle the consequences of not bailing them out. He only gets one chance, so he has to get it right – right now.

      1. Macroduck

        Setting aside dogma, which Chinese leaders prior to Xi seemed quite able to do, it is often the case that the easy answers have all been used up and only hard choices remain. Technocratic excellence comes down to balancing risks and standing ready to deal with bad fallout. That seems to me where China on its real estate debt. Excess investment in response to messed up incentives is too entrenched to fix without serious harm.

        Those of us who worked our way through the U.S. mortgage debacle can empathize. I don’t pretend to have answers to China’s problems, but I’m pretty sure they’re gonna get worse for a while.

        1. Ivan

          I don’t have the answers either and agree that things will get worse. They have to deflate their real estate markets but cannot afford a panic. In contrast to US in 2007 the people losing most of the money from a deflation of RE is not investors and pension funds but regular people who used purchased apartments as an instrument of savings. A lot more regular people will be hurt and much worse than in our 2008 crash. The loss of jobs in that sector will also be substantial and the ability of the government to counter all of that with stimulus has to be of concern given how much all but the central government depends on the housing market for income.

        2. Moses Herzog

          The part about this, and I am not watching in the last week as much as I could have or some might imagine me doing, just only watching very casually in the last week or so, is how many lightweight and worthless “analysts” Bloomberg has had on in the last month or so saying that the Chinese property market is as solid as a metamorphic rock. And I am not talking about the white guys we normally see on the TV guest/book promo conga dance line that are often pretending to be Chinese “experts”. I am talking about mainland Chinese “analysts” of China’s economy, ethnic Chinese who live and work inside China coming on at the behest and pleading of Bloomberg TV to say everything is rainbows and butterflies in China’s property market.

          The guests Bloomberg TV has talking about China’s property market now are comedic and satirical in their homage to China’s property market “investment safety”. I haven’t seen financial or economics journalism this sucky since Jim Cramer was screaming at the top of his lungs like a barbaric monkey on CNBC in 2007–’08 that all of the American banks were as safe as eating your Grandma’s homemade apple pie.

      2. David O’Rear

        Xi Jinping’s right-wing impulses . . . a phrase one does not often hear from people with any clue about Xi Jinping.

        The economy and the housing market cannot handle the consequences of not bailing them out . . a. phrase one does not often hear from people with any clue how the Chinese economy works.

        He only has one chance . . . a phrase one does not often hear from people with any clue how Chinese elite politics works.

        Three for three!

        1. Moses Herzog

          @ ltr
          Shame on you!!!! Shame on you for taking disguise in another commenter’s ID name!!! OK, “Mr. Rear” fits you better than an acronym, but still, it’s not right.

          Geez, Mr Rear, take the bearded-lady freak show over to Bloomberg TV. Your ilk is popular there right now, and if you just show up to the studio anytime of day, even slovenly dressed, tell them “the Chinese property market does not need bailing out”, I’m sure Bloomberg TV will rush you in front of the cameras so fast you’ll think you took the red eye from Hong Kong to San Fran.

  11. baffling

    “I guess that Joe Biden single-handedly made those jobs [in leisure and hospitality] reappear when the jackboots came off the necks of business owners.”
    actually, it was getting a leader who did not ignore the severity of the coronavirus and implemented policies that allowed the public to return to action that brought those jobs back. competent leadership counts. you saw the results.

    1. pgl

      Bruce Hall has a 3 year plus history of ignoring the severity of the coronavirus. Of course Brucie is proud of his little MAGA hat!

  12. pgl

    Bruce lies about what his own sources said or did not say and then he tosses some stupid red meat to the rapid Trump base. And lookie here – like click bait Econned and Manfred show up acting like Trumpian fools for Brucie’s entertainment. Works every time I guess.

      1. pgl

        “But biases are often based on stereotypes, rather than actual knowledge of an individual or circumstance.”

        That Brucie in spades.

        Yea I read your links. You LIED. But hey – that is your forte. Have fun courting Kelly Anne Conway as I hear George is done with her.

      2. pgl

        Hey troll. You decide to bring up that Stephen Hanke fraud again? You might want to see my comment below which called out this fraud. Or better – Dr. Chinn’s new post. Dude – we all get that you are a lying scum. But do keep reminding us as I’m right now on the floor laughing at you!

  13. pgl

    Moore is a hot tax law case before the Supreme Court, which asks the age old question – can unrealized capital gains be taxed? From an economic perspective they should be. But yea tax law gets weird.


    US Supreme Court’s Alito rejects recusal in tax case
    By Andrew Chung
    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on Friday rejected a push by Senate Democrats to have him recuse himself from a tax case that involves an attorney who interviewed him for a newspaper article and helped him “air his personal grievances.” Alito, in a statement attached to a routine order issued by the court in the case Moore v. United States, said, “There is no valid reason for my recusal in this case.” Individual justices make recusal decisions for themselves.

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin and nine other Democrats on the panel on Aug. 3 sent a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts asking him to ensure that Alito recuses himself in the case involving plaintiffs Charles and Kathleen Moore. David Rivkin Jr., one of the attorneys for the Moores, helped interview Alito for articles that appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s opinion section, including on July 28 when the justice said Congress lacks the power to regulate the court. “Mr. Rivkin’s access to Justice Alito and efforts to help Justice Alito air his personal grievances could cast doubt on Justice Alito’s ability to fairly discharge his duties in a case in which Mr. Rivkin represents one of the parties,” the senators wrote.

  14. pgl

    James Carville has been running around making comments that should make any Democrat gag. But hey – what’s new. My favorite was when Carville noted Biden (age 80) has an age problem. Hey Jimmy boy – last I checked you were 78 years old. So maybe you should just SHUT the eff UP.

    1. Ivan

      Age should be judged on competence, not birth certificates. Biden is a young man, Trump is an old fool and Carville is closer to Trump than Biden. Unfortunately Carville is one of those “used to be” people who desperately try to remain in the spotlight by saying unpredicted things. SAD.

    2. Moses Herzog

      Should I face palm if I say I’ve been a Carville fan even up to now?? Can someone show me the link to these supposed horrid comments?? And for the record, being an age 78 political adviser is “slightly” different than being the octogenarian leader of the free world. But maybe you saw that as “analogous”??

      I would say within the last year Carville was saying things that from my viewpoint the entire Democratic party needed badly to hear. “Woke” won’t win rural America’s vote. PERIOD. Democrats not winning elections doesn’t help “Woke”. Think super hard and see if you can understand the feedback loop there.

      If “Woke” people enjoy feeling “righteous and Holy” and you enjoy screaming “I’m woke” from the sidelines while Republicans voted in by rural constituents issue laws that persecute “Woke”, keep doing it. But make sure the self-righteous and holier-than-thou feeling is worth the view from the sidelines.

      1. baffling

        carville seems to be falling into the trap of needing to say/act more outrageously in order to attract attention and be relevant. i used to like him. but the last few times i saw him, i left thinking he no longer serves a useful purpose. he was always bit outrageous, but it served a greater good. not sure exactly what he thinks his end game is now. but i will admit, i don’t see very much of him anymore, so i could be wrong. in general, i am not fan of folks over a quarter century in age having a significant say in the future of our country. their view of the long run, and mine, are not typically aligned.

    3. Moses Herzog

      BTW, I do not know for a fact Menzie disagrees with me on this, but I strongly suspect he would/does disagree with me on this. So, contrary to popular belief on this blog I don’t just blindly agree with Menzie. It doesn’t effect my great admiration for Menzie. We can agree to disagree and still respect someone. But I’ll just say, I can find very little (if anything) in the below story link I strongly disagree with that Carville says. >85% of it, hits as dead on true to me. And it’s something Dems better wake up to, or the 2016 election’s acid reflux and ulcers will seem like a Chinese massage compared to the 2024 post-election autopsy.

  15. pgl

    Bruce Hall is spreading lies about the pandemic which I would have thought would be a cause for being banned. Let me note some actual research and a take down of the “John Hopkins” study that even John Hopkins rejected:


    What We’ve Learned About So-Called ‘Lockdowns’ and the COVID-19 Pandemic
    By Lori Robertson

    Posted on March 8, 2022

    SciCheck Digest
    Plenty of peer-reviewed studies have found government restrictions early in the pandemic, such as business closures and physical distancing measures, reduced COVID-19 cases and/or mortality, compared with what would have happened without those measures. But conservative news outlets and commentators have seized on a much-criticized, unpublished working paper that concluded “lockdowns” had only a small impact on mortality as definitive evidence the restrictions don’t work.

    Full Story
    In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, as the virus spread around the globe, many countries implemented restrictions on movement and social gatherings in an effort to flatten the curve — or reduce sharp spikes in caseloads to avoid overwhelming health care facilities. Without vaccines or evidence-based treatments, these non-pharmaceutical interventions, or NPIs, were the only public health measures available for months to combat the pandemic.

    The more extreme measures — widespread business closures and stay-at-home orders, generally called “lockdowns,” though there’s no set definition — clearly came with economic and social costs, as the World Health Organization says. But the WHO “recognizes that at certain points, some countries have had no choice but to issue stay-at-home orders and other measures, to buy time.”

    There have been a lot of studies assessing whether and to what extent so-called “lockdowns” and various NPIs have been effective, and plenty of research that has concluded these measures can limit transmission, or reduce cases and deaths. For instance, a study published in Nature in June 2020 found that “major non-pharmaceutical interventions—and lockdowns in particular—have had a large effect on reducing transmission” in 11 European countries. It estimated what would have happened if the transmission of the virus hadn’t been reduced, finding that 3.1 million deaths “have been averted owing to interventions since the beginning of the epidemic.” The estimate doesn’t account for behavior changes or the impact of overwhelmed health systems.

    In May 2020, the same journal published a study that estimated the number of cases in mainland China would have been “67-fold higher” by the end of February 2020 without a combination of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

    But one working paper posted online in January — and not peer-reviewed — has gotten a lot of attention in conservative circles for its conclusion that “lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality.” The paper, which is an analysis of other studies, has been touted as a “Johns Hopkins University study,” but it’s not a product of the university’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, whose vice dean — among other public health experts — has criticized the paper.

    “The working paper is not a peer-reviewed scientific study,” Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, vice dean of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said in a Feb. 8 statement sent to us in an email. “To reach their conclusion that ‘lockdowns’ had a small effect on mortality, the authors redefined the term ‘lockdown’ and disregarded many peer-reviewed studies. The working paper did not include new data, and serious questions have already been raised about its methodology.”

    Sharfstein said that early on “when so little was known about COVID-19, stay-at-home policies kept the virus from infecting people and saved many lives. Thankfully, these policies are no longer needed, as a result of vaccines, masks, testing, and other tools that protect against life-threatening COVID-19 infections.”

    The authors of the working paper are economists: Steve H. Hanke, a senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute and founder and co-director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise; Jonas Herby, a special adviser at the Center for Political Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark; and Lars Jonung, a professor emeritus at Sweden’s Lund University.

    Note how Bruce has dusted off this discredited BS from Hanke as if this was an actual John Hopkins analysis. Now didn’t we note back the first time Bruce foisted this fraud? And yet this lying weasel brings this back up as some sort of science?

    Yes Bruce Hall wastes our time with his repeating the same old lies over and over. Why this troll has not been banned is beyond me.

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