World Trade Volume Stalls

The Dutch CBP tallies world trade volumes. Here’s the total world trade series, compared to total industrial production (production weighted), since 2000.

Figure 1: World trade (blue), and world industrial production ex-construction (tan), both 2010=100, s.a., on log scale. NBER defined US peak-to-trough recession dates shaded gray. Orange dashed line at announcement Section 201, 301 actions. Source: CBP, August 25, 2023.

Here’s a detail of how trade has evolved over the past two and a half years.

Figure 2: World trade (blue), and world industrial production ex-construction (tan), both 2010=100, s.a., on log scale. Source: CBP, August 25, 2023.

Whether the slowdown in trade should be thought of as cyclical, or part of the one-off boom in goods consumption post-covid, is an open questions.

Note that these figures are in volume terms, while many figures are in nominal terms. These data through June were released two weeks ago, while we’re currently in September. In principle, we can nowcast September data using other indicators like PMI’s, port traffic, container throughput, and individual country data, etc., as discsussed in Chinn, Meunier, and Stumpner (2023) [blogpost, SUERF nehwsletter].

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    1. Moses Herzog

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    2. JohnH

      I doubt that Freddie Mercury’s piano will show up in the world trade volumes, but pgl must have thought so, since he put it in this thread!

      Thanks for this amazingly important piece of trivia, pgl!!!!

      1. Moses Herzog

        @ JohnH
        Not much of a Renaissance man are we?? (Neither am I come to think of it. Sssssshhhhh!!! It will forever be our secret)

        1. Baffling

          I doubted a putin supporter would find much relevance or value in a symbol from the lgbtq community. Well spoken comrade johnny.

          1. pgl

            Freddie may have been the greatest rock pianist ever. So what if he was gay. Talent folks talent. Of course JohnH would not know a piano if one fell on him.

        2. JohnH

          Moses–a modern Renaissance man would know who Freddie Mercury was? LOL!!!

          Or maybe Moses thinks Freddie Mercury was a Renaissance man! What a hoot!

          1. Moses Herzog

            Yes, I copied all of this below from Wiki. You’re welcome to disprove any portion of it here in Econbrowser’s comments. I ask you, as Mercury was not a native Briton or ethnic Anglo, does that strike you as a “not very diversified” personal education??

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      2. Macroduck

        Poor Johnny…sooooo needy. How many times has poor Johnny gone off topic in order to serve Putin’s interests? But let pgl comment off topic, and Johnny gets his back up. Poor Johnny.

  1. Macroduck

    Anybody else click through to the CBP text? It’s trivial, but I think the English text might have been machine generated. It’s just non-idiomatic enough that a college-educated Nederlander (heck, a high-school-educated Nederlander) would probably sound more natural.

    Them prepositions is tricky.

  2. Baffling

    Exponential growth cannot continue forever. In principle, i find it not surprising that this data has shifts and resets periodically. Eyeballing, and with limited data, cannot tell how the slope behaves in the last leg. Or am I being misled by this semilog plot in figure 1?

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