One thought on “CRFB at TGTCPL (at UW Madison)

  1. Moses Herzog

    I had a super “rarefied” last two or three days (no, nothing to do with females as per usual) but a close elderly family member with health issues. I got some bourbon tonight during a pleasantly cold walk home from getting meds for pneumonia and what Menzie’s doctor relatives call “UTI”. And if we don’t do this “right” with a strong meal and etc because antibiotics can be dangerous then we got “serious problems”. So after a “rough day”, for the first time in YEARS (immediately following when my Dad died) I got me a big damned bottle of bourbon. The old Korean “dragon lady” (actually, not, she’s extremely kind to me in a weird~ish kind of way). She sees I’m fumbling around the Italian Liquors like Compari trying to decide if it’s up to the task, (she never ever goes out to the aisles that I ever saw) and goes “what are you looking for??” I said “you got Evan Williams?” She says “big bottle or small?” I half chuckle and say “big depending the cost” she points, I say “thank you”. bend down with 3 plastic Wal Mart bags killing my knees, got the big one. Walk up, fumbling for the currency like I always do. I say “I used to come to this store years ago, I don’t know how many years, but you and a young girl and the guy (Korean guy 85% sure it was her husband) your age were ALWAYS nice to me”. She looks at me trying to decide if she remembers then goes “Thank you” “You walk here??” I say “Yeah”, She says “Always with the big bottles, too many big bottles” like she is my mother in law, I say “Yeah, you’re right…….. too many big bottles but I had a rough day so I decided to treat myself” She says “Always walk, too many big bottles”, I say “Walking is good for the constitution” She looks at me, no words, just the subtext look in her eyes “What is it with you fruity white guys??”

    Well, my main thought just starting the bourbon here is 5-stars for the word “nifty”. A-plus

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