Asian-Americans Once Again Thank Trump

From Knorre et al. (2024):

Source: Knorre et al. (2024).

From the paper:

First, overall public violent victimization of Asian-Americans fell shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic, in line with the fact that Asian-Americans spent more time at home during theĀ  early months of the pandemic. Second, focusing on incidents of inter-race public violence, there is evidence that, relative to other Americans, Asian-Americans became more likely to be victimized by both strangers and acquaintances as opposed to perpetrators who were family members or friends, after the pandemic began. This finding is consistent with the presence of more racially-motivated violence against Asian-Americans after the beginning of the COVID- 19 pandemic, accounting for reductions in time spent in public.

To see a different tabulation that highlights the correlation with Trump’s use of the term “China Virus”, see this post.


5 thoughts on “Asian-Americans Once Again Thank Trump

  1. Moses Herzog

    I think there are different “types” of racism. Some groups seem to “draw” (can’t think of better term at the moment) racism towards them because they are intelligent, well-read, well-educated, excel in different careers. They attract racism without having babies with the sole goal of getting government transfers (I’m speaking generalities here, not absolutes). They attract racism without the proverbial hand held out or panhandling. They attract racism with low crime rates. I put Jews and Asians in this “category”. That is a good deal of the racism is created by or attracted by talent and ability to excel. So if someone is coming after you with a baseball bat I know that it’s very hard to accept it as a kind of “compliment” but it is in the most weird/jaded sense a kind of compliment, because the racism speaks to a kind of desperation due to individualized inferiority, and a feeling there is no other way to “win” in a true competition.

    I say this as a person with 0% Asian blood and 0% Jewish blood that I am aware of . Much to my detriment. And I have the poor grade school math scores to prove it.

  2. Moses Herzog

    WOW, Seiji Ozawa passed away. A little bit on the pretentious side, but still a great conductor. Age 88. Heart failure. That’s a good long life, but still. I watched a DVD about him and it struck me he was pretty tough on his student conductors, but I guess he felt he was preparing them “for the real world”.

  3. Moses Herzog

    …….. How to give young peoples thick skin and fortitude, and yet not destroy their aspirations?? I think this is an incredibly fine line to walk. But I think the great mentors/teachers always have this playing out in the back of their mind somewhere, trying to find that magic location. And often times that magic border of inculcating toughness but giving encouragement is different for different students.

    For my money, it has nothing do do with “safe spaces” and everything to do with being perceptive of individual students’ psychology/background.

  4. Moses Herzog

    Scrolling through a relatively recent WSJ, they do gender/race workforce breakdown by occupation. The data collection/ stats are from BLS. Which jobs have the biggest share of Asian workers??

    Manicurists and pedicurists 64.8%
    Medical scientists 41.1%
    Software developers 36.2%
    Physical scientists, all other 29.7%
    Computer-hardware engineers 29.6%

    The other race/gender breakdowns are in the February 10-11 hardcopy weekend edition of WSJ.

  5. Not Trampis

    technical point from down under. Menzie means americans of an asian heritage. No such thing as an asian-american nor an european american nor any o9ther american of any descent

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