Where Does UkraineRussia Fit As an Independent State, Historically?

A great map, courtesy of the former President of Mongolia:

Source: BI.

Some fact-checking, here.


11 thoughts on “Where Does UkraineRussia Fit As an Independent State, Historically?

  1. Macroduck

    That map demonstrates the logical nonsense of irredentism. Claims that Israel should include all the territory claimed in the Pentateuch are similarly unsupportable. This is the purest “us against them” thinking. Both us and them tend to die in large numbers when “us against them” prevails. Ask Shrub for recent exams. Ask Putin. (Funny how Johnny likes to condemn the U.S. for the Second Iraq War, but never, ever, ever says a thing against Russia’s invasion(s) of Ukraine.

  2. Ivan

    I love that one. It points to the exact flaw of looking back at historic country borders as the guide for what is fairly “ours”. Heck in 1471 all of North America belonged to the Indians.

  3. Not Trampis

    Even worse in Israel’s case only a remnant were believers of god. alas few read the bible or even the Hebrew bible.

  4. James

    We should all strive to learn more history. It is hard for me to believe that a GOP Senator can be this “dumb” or is he just being a Putin useful idiot and pushing Putin’s disinformation. (Being from WI – with Sen “Russian Ron” Johnson – who has pushed Putin propaganda for years – I recognize the type.).
    Tuberville’s statement that Vladimir Putin launched an invasion in order to acquire “more farmland,” because “he can’t feed his people” is straight out of Stalin’s propaganda during the Holodomor. https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/maddowblog/tuberville-appears-willing-give-putin-benefit-doubt-rcna138391 When Stalin stole Ukrainian grain leaving millions to die in Ukraine of starvation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor Which is exactly what Putin is doing now: https://www.bbc.com/news/61790625
    Can Sen Tuberville listen to his staff and the military intelligence reports he gets as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee or is he too busy listening to Tucker Carlson?

    1. Moses Herzog

      Tuberville’s state is one of the few states (though I am sad to say not the only one) which are concentrated in the highly illiterate southeast part of America that would elect a man who knowingly participated in a ponzi scheme and outright fraud.


      Tuberville is the same as donald trump—a walking, living, breathing piece of cow manure.

  5. Moses Herzog

    I was trying to remember if I was ever in Jilin city or on Jilin campus. It’s been a long time now and for roughly about 2-3 years there was a period of heavy drinking for me, so things get super hazy. One of my best friends was from Anshan, so I know I had been there. And I had colleagues at the minorities university who graduated from Jilin University, which is why I can’t be sure if I was ever in Jilin, because I had heard the city and University mentioned by colleagues who graduated there. It’s not a bad school. I think Shenyang was as far north as I ever got. One of my closest friends there was raised in Harbin, but I never visited. Harbin has the semi-famous ice sculptures in the winter time and one of the best local beers I ever had there. Top 5 certainly, and better than Dalian’s beer.

  6. JohnH

    I’m sure that today’s indigenous Americans have a map of the Western Hemisphere from the 1400s too! Heck, they might even have Talmud-like sources to claim that their gods gave them the lands in perpetuity! But nobody would take them seriously…except maybe Zionists!

  7. pgl

    I think this struck a nerve with Putin’s pet poodle. It is a good thing my dear daughter does not read little Jonny boy’s pathetically stupid comments. After all comparing American Indians to Zionists may be the most disgusting thing I have read in a long while. OK – little Jonny boy THINKS he knows the history of American Indians but his appalling lack of knowledge would have my daughter rolling on the floor laughing.


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