2023Q4 GDP Advances in All 50 States; Real Personal Income Declines in 5

From BEA:

Source: BEA.

Nominal personal income rose in all states.

Source: BEA.

However, what we care about is real personal income. I deflate using (nationwide) Chained CPI inflation (2.71% q/q AR), and calculate Q4 q/q AR growth.

Figure 1: Real personal income growth in 2023Q4, annualized. Source: BEA, BLS, and author’s calculations.

Seven states exhibit negative growth in real personal income: Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas and Hawaii.

Coincident indices through January paint a different picture from that derived from GDP or real personal income.

Source: Philadelphia Fed

Here’s a time series of the diffusion index for the 3 month growth rate of the Coincident Index.

Figure 1: Diffusion index for 3 month growth rate of coincident indices. Source: Philadelphia Fed, March 2024.

15 thoughts on “2023Q4 GDP Advances in All 50 States; Real Personal Income Declines in 5

  1. Macroduck

    I wonder if the Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming growth spurt is mostly driven by population growth. Locals have been complaining about the influx, and it’s pretty easy to drive a high percentage change from a low base. Residential construction and a new increment of consumption could do it.

    The next tier of states over – the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas – got skunked. Not as appealing to those escaping the flames, perhaps.

        1. Moses Herzog

          I don’t think I helped you very much MD, But I’m so happy if I did, love you brother,

    1. Moses Herzog

      I think you already know this MD, but I feel the need to declare it. I am a fan of the woman’s intellect, but not her morality. And I might even give her 1/4 “pass” on doing the best she can with her circumstances, in a situation where it’s hard to find an “off-ramp”. But in the end she knows she’s underwriting mass murder. And that’s a big problem. But I do admire her smarts.

  2. Ivan

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  3. Ivan

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