GDP Nowcasts

GDPNow and NY Fed close.

Figure 1: GDP (bold black), February SPF (light blue), GDPNow (4/10) (red square), NY Fed (light green square), St. Louis Fed (blue inverted triangle), all in bn.Ch.2017$ SAAR. Source BEA via FRED, Philadelphia Fed, Atlanta Fed, NY Fed, St. Louis Fed via FRED, and author’s calculations.

WSJ April survey comes out on Monday.

2 thoughts on “GDP Nowcasts

  1. Macroduck

    Off topic – regulating grifters:

    Yahoo finance has an article covering recent regulatory changes for Medicare Advantage plans:

    The upshot of the article is that Avantage plans will receive less money from Medicare and be required to provide more service, and the insurance industry doesn’t like it.

    OK, for starters, Medicare Advantage is a cruel joke. Next, if you don’t like dealing with government oversight, don’t take government money. Finally, isn’t this the Biden administration doing something to improve healthcare coverage and reduce government outlays?

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