The Congressional Budget Office at 40

The CBO has been providing nonpartisan budgetary and economic analyses for four decades. Whether that continues depends upon the willingness of leaders in Congress believe in the worth of serious analysis (see here for doubts). For now, we look back and (hopefully) forward, at events today. Yesterday, a forum at the Brookings Institution presented some additional views. Director Doug Elmendorf blogs on the anniversary today.

Here’s the program for CBO at 40


Douglas W. Elmendorf, Director

Opening Remarks

Representatives of the Budget Committees


Alice Rivlin, Founding Director

Panel Discussion

A panel of former Congressional Budget Office directors will discuss CBO’s past and future. The panelists will also respond to questions from the audience.

Alice M. Rivlin, Director 1975-1983,
Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Rudolph G. Penner, Director 1983-1987,
Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute

Robert D. Reischauer, Director 1989-1995,
President Emeritus, The Urban Institute

June E. O’Neill, Director 1995-1999,
Professor of Economics, Baruch College

Dan L. Crippen, Director 1999-2003,
Director, National Governors Association

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Director 2003-2005,
President, American Action Forum

Peter R. Orszag, Director 2007-2008,
Vice Chairman of Corporate and Investment Banking, Citigroup

Closing Remarks

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