Taking the President at His Word: Deportation As a “Military Operation”

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“We’re getting really bad dudes out of this country, and at a rate that nobody’s ever seen before,” Trump said Thursday. “And they’re the bad ones. And it’s a military operation.”

Certainly, using the slack resources of the U.S. armed forces to implement the President’s deportation policies could be cost-effective in several ways. After all the troops and the equipment are already in existence. However, I think it would be useful to know how much the mobilization of those forces and deployment to regions (such as the 11 states designated in this memo) would cost.

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      1. PeakTrader

        Also, it was voted “extreme right” (which is one of seven categories) by a total of 2,000 votes and that category got by far the most votes (775), which suggests many of the votes came from activist extremists.

        1. baffling

          so now you can even determine who is voting on such a web site, and can ignore those select voters?

          at any rate, the donald has made it clear from past statements, that polls such as the mediabiascheck are valid and real, perfectly repeatable as fact to the public. so it must be accepted, we have polls clearly indicating that the daily wire is a far right wing media outlet. this fact should now not be in dispute.

    1. Ray LaPan-Love


      As you seem to know, most Americans have been mislead when it comes to how much crime the illegals actually do commit. The link that you provided is probably fairly accurate in general (I don’t trust some of the sources [Fox News especially]), but as I’ve explained before I have a wealth of experience living around, and among, illegals in the Southwest, and I’ve spent long periods of time in Mexico and Central America, and I always get a good chuckle when I come across the claims that illegals commit no more crimes per capita than citizens do.

      I don’t however have any first-hand experience with illegals committing violent crimes, but… nearly all of the illegals I’ve known are involved in what is barter system that relies on them trading everything imaginable back and forth. A close friend and neighbor, for example, worked in a restaurant and she would pilfer all types of related goods, napkins, trash bags, condiments, utensils, and so on, and some food too, and then trade what she didn’t need with friends who worked in other occupations. It is not entirely accurate though to say that these goods are traded exactly, it is more often that things are just donated where needed, and in her case she attended lots of parties and etc.( I went to a few of these myself). Then, others donate what they can, and it all just works out in some general sense. This same neighbor lady, for instance, couldn’t get her car to start one day, and I tried to jump it but the battery was dead, and with a phone call she had someone deliver and install a used battery, but the person who brought the battery refused to take any money for the ‘contribution’. But I couldn’t know for certain that the battery was part of a trade, but I do know that this is how things are done, when an illegal in that community that I was part of, needed something, furniture, a vacuum, pots and pans, or just about whatever, they didn’t go to a store. But this is how it works, and it would be unfair to suggest that every item is stolen, they do of course do some shopping, but mostly at flea markets and the like, and some of their belongings are donated to the community when they return home or move away (I’ve been the recipient of such things as payment for helping with legal issues and other matters).

      Anyway…the irony here being that most Americans know that the illegals from down South send regular remittances home, and yet few Americans ever do the math, but working for such low wages they couldn’t have anything left over to send home if they were not so ‘resourceful’, and a lot of the success they have is due to the support of their communities.

    2. Steven Kopits

      I think a number of factors are conflated:

      1. Illegal immigration is also a crime
      Therefore, anyone apprehended crossing illegally is a criminal, although most of us would not consider crossing of itself a crime in the likes of theft or murder. If a crosser breaks into someone’s house to hide from the border patrol, that’s also a crime–but essentially derived from the illegal crossing itself.

      2. Not all illegal crossers are immigrants.
      Some are simply drug smugglers. They come for a different purpose and most likely cross back once the goods have been delivered. These are not people intending to pick berries or clean houses.

      3. Coyotes sometimes force undocumented crossers to carry drugs at the final stretch.
      Thus, an ordinary immigrant can find himself undertaking–involuntarily–an action which we would all consider a serious crime.

      4. Poverty and crime go together
      If you can’t afford something but need it, you’re more likely to steal it. The British sent people to the Australian prison colonies for stealing bread, if I recall correctly.

      So, I don’t doubt that illegal immigrants commit crimes at a higher rate than the US average, but it’s difficult to get a good, clean read on undocumented economic migrants from what’s readily available in the media.

    3. Beeker


      Police maintain a record of reported crime called in. They do not distinguish if it is committed by legal or illegal immigrant. The reporter would have to pull tons of records just to dive into the numbers.

      1. PeakTrader

        Beeker, the mainstream media has stated immigrants cause much less crime than citizens, which means illegal immigrants cause much more crime than citizens.

        And, it may take a military-style operation to get the worst criminals, including gangs, out of the country.

  1. 2slugbaits

    The WH later “clarified” Trump’s words by helpfully explaining that this was just Trump’s way of saying it was all proceeding with military precision. Really? Like Trump would know all about military precision. You mean like the military precision demonstrated in the Yemen cluster****. Does Trump know where the acronym “FUBAR” originated and why? That’s real world military precision. I’ve been associated with the military since the day I was born (I was born in an Army field hospital)…long enough to know that there ain’t any such thing as military precision except in parades.

  2. joseph

    Ha, Spicer now says that Trump was just using the word “military” as an adjective.

    Soon we may hear Trump talk about “concentration” camps for immigrants, but he will be just using the word as an adjective meaning he is thinking really, really hard.

  3. Beeker

    I find it ironic that DHS Secretary Kelley calling the media out for misreporting that Trump wants a military operation. Yet he did say it in his own word.

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