Sixty Years of the “Misery Index”

The simple sum of the unemployment rate and the (y/y) inflation rate:

Figure 1: “Misery index” as sum of inflation and unemployment rate, in % (blue, left scale), and University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment index (brown, right scale). NBER defined recession dates shaded gray. Source: BLS via FRED, Cleveland Fed, U.Mich., NBER, and author’s calculations.

There’s no particular reason to give equal weight to inflation and unemployment; rather Arthur Okun suggested this particular composite (which he called a “discomfort index”) as a way of conveying an idea in a simple way (see Cohen, et al. 2014 for history). Jimmy Carter subsequently cited this measure as an index of “economic misery”.

How is this related to measures of how people actually describe their discomfort? One popular measure of economic satisfaction is the University of Michigan Index of Consumer Sentiment (shown as the brown line in Figure 1). This index is clearly inversely related to the misery index:


Adj-R2 = 0.55, SER = 8.405, DW = 0.23, Nobs = 604. Bold denotes significance at 10% msl, using HAC robust standard errors.

There is no particular reason why one should weight unemployment and inflation equally.

UMCSENT = 161.00 – 2.58INFLATION – 3.86UNRATE – 0.020TIMETREND

Adj-R2 = 0.57, SER = 8.221, DW = 0.25, Nobs = 604. Bold denotes significance at 10% msl, using HAC robust standard errors.

While the INFLATION and UNRATE coefficients do not look particularly different, a Wald test rejects equality at very high levels of significance.

Several interesting aspects to the relationship between the misery index and consumer sentiment.

First, the relationship is not stable; Bai-Perron least squares break point tests indicate three breaks over the graphed period.

Second, relatedly, importance of unemployment and inflation change over time, both in terms of the slope coefficients, and in terms of standardized beta coefficients. In the latest two years, inflation looms larger.

As an aside, both the Michigan consumer sentiment index (in levels) and the misery index are lousy predictors of recession 12 months ahead (over the 1986-2022 period).


36 thoughts on “Sixty Years of the “Misery Index”

    1. Moses Herzog

      I’m just tickled Menzie got a Jimmy Carter reference in. The only thing that would top that is a David Lee Roth reference. But this blog isn’t Utopia, I mean…….

      You know Jimmy Carter, a big believer in Christian prayer, is now 97 years old, and outlived his VP (age wise) by 4 years. Just saying….. I actually probably liked Walter Mondale more, but I’m a bleeding heart liberal, what do you expect?? I feel they both got short shrift from the American voting public, but, wut awe ye gonna do??

    2. Barkley Rosser


      Unemployment rate more of a coincident indicator, or even a slightly lagging one. That is what one sees looking at the link you provided. Anyway, it is not a leading indicator and has never been considered one.

      1. Barkley Rosser

        I just checked, and the standard list of leading economic indicators is the stock merket, manufacturing activity, inventories, retail sales, building permits, housing market, and new business startups, with many also adding shape of yield curve. Unemployment rate is traditionally considered to be a lagging indicator.

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    1. Macroduck

      If you are referring to the previous exchange between baffling and me, the problem I was highlighting is that the hydrogen project in question employed the label “green”, but was pretty obviously relying on natural gas as a feedstock. Greenwashing is a big problem in hydrogen energy, and very dangerous.

    2. ltr

      Hydrogen made from natural gas is “blue hydrogen.” Green hydrogen is produced with the electrolysis of water, which takes electricity. The problem with green hydrogen production will be the electricity cost for the electrolysis. About 70% of the current cost of green hydrogen production in China is for the necessary electricity.

  2. Moses Herzog

    If you’ve read this blog awhile, you’ll know I’m a HUGE David Letterman fan. I almost sent him a snail-mail as a child asking him if he’d be my adopted stepdad (joke). But seriously he kept me going, and his sister wrote this article. So I thought I’d pass it on to the blog, and encourage everyone to read it to the end.

    I’m middle aged, I’m older and I grew up with certain notions, “traditional values” and I won’t lie~~~some of this stuff, it makes me uncomfortable and it makes me feel awkward. But in the end analysis I have to say, if other people are pursuing a life that makes themselves happy, How does that hurt me, if these people choose a path that makes them happy?? And the answer that always comes back to me inside my own head is “I’ll be damned…… I can’t think of anything about them living their life how they want that hurts me”.

  3. pgl

    It is a simple index indeed. Underweighting unemployment and overweighting inflation.

      1. pgl

        If God himself said something nice about the economy – you would call him Satan. But hey – it is your job to lie for Trump and we would not want you to be fired.

  4. ltr

    June 9, 2022

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  5. SecondLook

    It was assumed back then that the utility of the “misery” index would be a political one, not particularly an economic one.
    So the question would be: does the higher the number suggest a rejection of the party in power via elections?

    1. Moses Herzog

      I was going to say, my big “take away” of the graph and numbers above, and I do think Menzie is trying to semi-tether this to politics, or rather simply he is observing that they are indeed tethered, that this does NOT bode well for American politics as the American voter has shown very poor judgement any time they are required to “read between the lines” or digest more than one “moving part”.

  6. Steven Kopits

    The Michigan Index indicates that we are already in an oil shock recession.

    1. pgl

      No it does not. The Michigan index does not attribute changes to a particular factor such as high oil prices. Chalk this up as another episode of Princeton Steve writing words he does not understand.

    2. pgl

      Hey – the Michigan consumer sentiment index fell below 60 back in September 2011. Now I do not remember the 2011 recession – do you? Maybe the chief economist for Fox and Friends Princeton Steve can write us an analysis of the 2011 recession and how this was caused by things like “suppression” and oil shocks. It would be interesting to read as we all need a good laugh.

      BTW – could someone tell the chief economist for Fox and Friends it is not called the “Michigan index”.

    3. Barkley Rosser


      Not as long as actual consumption remains high, which so far it is doing, despite some declines in a few sectors.

  7. ltr

    June 9, 2022

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    1. Anonymous

      core inflation month on month annualized and a trend line?

      if we look m on m why not smooth it w/ a 4 month moving average?

      i lived, as an adult, through the 70’s.

      in feb 73 we cut our losses in vietnam!

      how and when do we cut the losses in ukraine?

      the ’20’s is making the 70’s look like the good old days……

      good for jimmy carter’s place in history

    2. Bruce Hall

      Good for Kevin Drum. I seem to remember you waxing poetic about temporary inflation about a year ago. Yeah, that worked out well. Meanwhile, the national average for regular gasoline reached $4.97 today (6/9). Let’s define “core inflation” as anything that has an inflation rate below 3%. Nothing to see here, folks.

      1. pgl

        “I seem to remember you waxing poetic about temporary inflation about a year ago.”

        Then you need to take your meds. I am not a poet and only you take wax when you get COVID19, Hey Bruce – came up with some better lies as the ones you are touting are getting really BORING.

  8. pgl

    Ryan D. Kelly is hoping to be the GOP nominee for the governor of Bruce Hall’s state but it seems he is up on charges for trying to overthrow the Federal government on 1/6/2001:

    Yea there are other Republicans running but all of them may have committed crimes on behalf of Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020 election.

    I guess this explains why Bruce Hall has gone total bananas. These Republicans are all corrupt and Michigan will likely still have a Democratic governor even after the election. Poor Bruce – what is a racist MAGA hat clown to do with such an incompetent party!

    1. Bruce Hall

      I see that the San Francisco DA was recalled. Even Californians can take just so much progressivism in their streets.

      1. pgl

        Gee – policy differences versus downright treason. I would think even someone as stupid as you would see the difference but maybe not.

  9. pgl

    Evidence on the effectiveness of assault weapons ban:

    Yes mass shooting deaths were lower in the 1994 to 2004 period where this ban was in effect. Yes mass shooting deaths went up quite dramatically after the 2004 sunset of this law. Of course we know Bruce Hall and his pet pit bull (CoRev) are going off barking why this evidence should be ignored. After all – Bruce Hall is incapable of protecting his chickens from raccoons unless he can fire off hundreds of bullets in a couple of minutes. MAGA

    1. Bruce Hall

      Looks like the Obama years were not too good in that regard, eh?

      Now then, how many mass shootings were among black and Latino gang members in major cities? How many used AR-15s? How many used pistols of various calibers?

      You’re like the doctor whose patient comes in for skin cancer treatments and the doctor focuses on toenail fungus.

      1. pgl

        Yea Obama wanted to have gun safety laws but your buddies at the NRA have Republicans bought and paid for. But I see you are still playing the race card there. I guess your mother picked up your KKK outfit from the cleaners today.

      2. pgl

        Oh my – a study about NYC from 2003. Gee Brucie – I guess you did not know we further reduced crime from 2003 to 2019. Then of course Trump made sure COVID19 would just take off.

  10. ltr

    June 9, 2022

    Chinese mainland records 70 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

    The Chinese mainland recorded 70 confirmed COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, with 53 linked to local transmissions and 17 from overseas, data from the National Health Commission showed on Thursday.

    A total of 170 asymptomatic cases were also recorded on Wednesday, and 3,505 asymptomatic patients remain under medical observation.

    The cumulative number of confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland is 224,535, with the death toll from COVID-19 standing at 5,226.

    Chinese mainland new locally transmitted cases

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  11. Moses Herzog

    I am aware these numbers don’t always “sync up”. But am I wrong to think it’s strange the China’s export numbers are starting to rise pretty strongly at the same time America’s import numbers are starting to drop??

    The personal savings rate in America is also an interesting number right now,~~which I imagine might be hurting Biden more than the actual inflation. It is amazing to me personally, how tolerant Americans can be on extortionately high prices, but when they see that bank account number dropping the steam FINALLY starts coming out of their ears.

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