Looking Back at Q2 – Imminent Upward Revisions?

IHS Markit moves 2022Q2 tracking from -0.3% to -0.2% SAAR today. Goldman Sachs moves from the advance official of -0.9% to -0.4% SAAR.

Figure 1: GDP advance Q2 (black), IHS Markit tracking 8/17 (green square), and Goldman Sachs tracking 8/17 (red triangle), all bn.Ch2012$ SAAR. Source: BEA, IHS Markit, Goldman Sachs.

These updated nowcasts highlight the fact that GDP estimates are revised, as noted here.

8 thoughts on “Looking Back at Q2 – Imminent Upward Revisions?

  1. rjs

    i agree with Goldman. i saw no revision greater than 4 basis points before today’s reports…but today:

    June’s seasonally adjusted retail sales were revised 0.3% higher, from the $680.6 billion reported last month to $682.6 billion, while May sales were revised 0.5% higher, from $673.9 billion to $677.1 billion…combined, the revisions to May and June indicate that the 2nd quarter’s adjusted sales were roughly $5.2 billion higher than was previously reported, which would add about $20.8 billion to the BEA’s annual rate calculation of 2nd quarter personal consumption expenditures before the inflation adjustment, which should be enough to boost 2nd quarter GDP by almost 0.30 percentage points when the 2nd estimate is published at the end of the month…

    on today’s business inventories:
    The Key source data and assumptions (xls) that accompanied the release of the advance estimate of 2nd quarter GDP indicates that the BEA had assumed that total seasonally adjusted June manufacturing and trade inventories (on a Census basis – line 140) would increase by $31.4 billion from the previously published May figures…since this report shows that total June inventories increased by $32.9 billion while May inventories were revised $4.7 billion higher at the same time, that means that the advance estimate of 2nd quarter GDP underestimated end of June inventories by $6.2 billion, and with May’s revision, underestimated 2nd quarter inventories by $10.9 billion……assuming there is no major change or imbalance relating to the inflation adjustment on those inventories, a revision to reflect these new figures would be enough to add about 0.24 percentage points to 2nd quarter GDP when the 2nd estimate is released at the end of August…

  2. pgl

    GDP estimates are revised. You know what else is being revised? Princeton’s hard reset or was that his previous victory lap? Yea – he never was “on the record” saying we were in a recession after all!

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  4. Moses Hersog

    My wife is dead…… “High five!!!!” She was boring……. She was weak on the farming plow…. she can have no “past” retardation

    1. Moses Herzog

      Everyone will perceive the above comment in the wrong context, that’s ok. It will give Barkley something to do today when his grandkids felt more bored than usual

  5. Jacob

    A side note. I made a small bet in a prediction market that we’d not see two quarters of negative growth in 2022, and lost that bet with the last release. The contract states that revisions don’t count, so the real bet is not on actual GDP but on the initial numbers published each quarter.

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