How Long the Dollar Upswing?

One of the seminal empirical exchange rate papers is Charles Engel‘s and Jim Hamilton‘s “Long swings in the exchange rate: are they in the data and do markets know it?” (AER, 1990). Think about it – while one often can’t reject the null hypothesis of a random walk in the exchange rate (using typically low-powered tests), the typical floating exchange rate sure doesn’t look like a random walk. What does a Markov switching model applied to the US broad trade weighted real value of the US dollar (instead of bilateral against Deutsche mark, French franc, British pound).

A switching model estimated over the 1973Q1-2022Q3 period indicates the dollar falls 4.1% during depreciation regimes, and rises 5.8% during appreciation regimes. Figure 1 displays on top panel the log real dollar value, and in middle (bottom) panel, the probability of being a depreciating (appreciating) regime. [Markov switching model, 2 regimes, same variance in two regimes.]

Figure 1: Top panel, log real value of broad trade weighted dollar (black), 2006M01=0; Middle panel: probability of being in depreciating regime (blue), NBER peak-to-trough recession dates shaded gray; Bottom panel: probability of being in appreciating regime (blue). Red dashed line at 50%. Probabilities are smoothed and filtered. Source: Federal Reserve Board (goods export weighted through 2015, goods and services export weighted 2016 and onward), NBER, and author’s calculations.

Using a 50% threshold, the dollar has been in an appreciating regime since 2021Q2. The probability of staying in an appreciating regime when in an appreciating regime is 81%, while the probability of transitioning to a depreciating regime from an appreciating regime is only 15%.

The expected duration of regime 2 (appreciating) is 5.23 quarters. If the appreciating regime has been in place since 2021Q2, then a switch to depreciation would not be surprising. However, the model I’ve estimated does not ascribe a higher likelihood to a switch the longer one is in a given regime.


Update, 11/6/2022:

I’m reminded also Cheung and Erlandsson (JBES, 2012).


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  3. Anonymous

    the models are interesting.

    m. el erian stated it more directly, the $ is the ‘least ugly house on the block’.

    for now.

  4. Barkley Rosser

    I agree that the Engel-Hamilton paper was a very important one, and one that does not get all that much attention. It is certainly a part of undermining the actual power of the random walk model, even though the random walk model long did very well against most models based on international macro, although, Menzie, I know that more recently you and some others have managed to come up with some models based on theory that manage to do at least a bit better than random walk.

    But the big joke about thar oriiginal power of the random walk by Meese and Rogoff was that it still was not all that powerful, a subtext not regularly noticed. Forex rates indeed remain tough to model and forecast.

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