LNG Contribution to Goods Exports (Balance of Payments Basis)

Reader JohnH asserts:

LNG is the US’ third largest export and fastest growing.

But I believe he/she misread the table in the article (see table at end of this post), and it’s natural gas and LNG combined that is the third top export category. If I go to BEA – US Trade in Goods (IDS-0008), and (painstakingly) download data for “natural gas liquids and mfd gases”, and total goods exports (balance of payments basis, seasonally adjusted), I obtain this picture:

Figure 1: Non-LNG exports (tan bar), and LNG exports (blue bar), both in millions $, quarterly rate, seasonally adjusted. NBER defined peak-to-trough recession dates shaded gray. Source: BEA, NBER, and author’s calculations.

As for contributing to goods exports, here’s the relevant picture.

Figure 2: Quarter-on-quarter change in non-LNG exports (tan bar), and change in LNG exports (blue bar), both in millions $, quarterly rate, seasonally adjusted. NBER defined peak-to-trough recession dates shaded gray. Source: BEA, NBER, and author’s calculations.

I will let readers decide if LNG exports (not natural gas and LNG) were a big contributor to US goods exports.

Bottom Line: Read your article (and table) closely.

Note: JohnH is the same person who asserted that the US government did not report median wages and/or income, adjusted for inflation.  See [1], [2], [3].

The top 10 exports accounted for a third of all U.S. exports through the first four months of the … [+]


Source: Roberts, Forbes (June 28, 2022).

91 thoughts on “LNG Contribution to Goods Exports (Balance of Payments Basis)

  1. pgl

    Vaccine percentage increase was greater than LNG percentage increase. But the share of exports from vaccines is really low. Of course the share of exports from LNG was less than 5%. These were the simple points I asked JohnH to look into. He failed to do so. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, which basically makes the original claims made by JohnH look really silly.

  2. pgl

    “The total value through April for all U.S. exports was $650.58 billion. That is 18.75% ahead of the pace set in 2021, when the annual total was a record-breaking $1.75 trillion.”

    This from the article JohnH linked to. He clearly did not understand the discussion in his own link. Yea – JohnH once again pulls a Bruce Hall.

    1. rjs

      i’m not going to go back to see why this subject became a post, but John H is pretty close to accurate, whether he understood the full backstory or not. here are total US natural gas exports from the 1970s to the present: https://www.eia.gov/dnav/ng/hist/n9130us2a.htm

      note they were negligible before 2005, and only really picked up after Cheniere began exporting LNG from Sabine Pass in 2016…from 2015 to the present, total US natural gas exports have nearly quadrupled, suggesting that the lion’s share of our total gas exports are now LNG…..so it’s possible that if you separated LNG from pipeline gas (which only goes to Mexico and Canada, who is an exporter in their own right), LNG could be 4th on Menzie’s table above, and is most certainly at least 6th….as far as “fastest growing”, i leave it to all of you to find some other US export that has come close to quadrupling in 6 or seven years..

          1. baffling

            yes, covid. total exports $650 billion. nat gas and lng totaled $29 billion. lets be generous and give half of that to lng. $15 billion of $650 billion is about 2.3% of total exports. at best that places it number 7. and that will not be sustained, as it is driven by recent lng price increases caused by the war in Ukraine. lng exports are now dominated by trade to Europe because of the war. that will not continue beyond the short term. either the war will end, or renewables will continue to overtake the problem of unreliable natural gas in Europe. I would not be a long term investor in lng exports, either way.

          2. CoRev

            Menzie, thanks for adding more language precision to a comment thread largely based upon language precision. I clearly made a mistake in assuming an article with 3 visual inserts, with the first two being labeled Figures that the 3rd would also be similarly labeled, instead of left unlabeled.

          3. pgl

            That table from Forbes was from JohnH’s original link which he misrepresented as Dr. Chinn already noted. Damn CoRev – at least try to follow the conversation.

      1. pgl

        NO ONE is denying that LNG exports have increased. Do not be fooled by JohnH’s revisiting the history of what he originally wrote.

  3. pgl

    “If I go to BEA – US Trade in Goods (IDS-0008), and (painstakingly) download data for “natural gas liquids and mfd gases”, and total goods exports (balance of payments basis, seasonally adjusted), I obtain this picture”

    This is a really nice graph which makes the point I was trying to make. OK, I went to Census.gov which is another reliable source but thanks for going to BEA which not only has the detailed information but also overall GDP data including exports.

    Now you have reminded readers over and over about such informative sources but for some reason JohnH refuses to pay attention.

  4. pgl

    I see under another post Johnny boy is trying to weasel out of this original claim by making the much weaker argument that what he meant to say is that rising LNG exports have had a very modest impact on overall export growth.

    Now had he made this statement originally, I would have agreed. But Johnny boy has to misrepresent what the rest of us have said followed by a confused weasel statement that he originally hypes up and then decides to deflate like Tom Brady did with those footballs a few years ago.

    Yea – it would be nice if he learned how to READ. Or WRITE. Or do basic research. Or even try to tell the truth. But he won’t.

  5. pgl

    I and a lot of others here are really tired of the disinformation campaigns from the usual suspects which include JohnH, Bruce Hall, CoRev, etc. But let’s focus on something more important and truly disgusting:


    Republicans and others on the right are amplifying misinformation and outright falsehoods about last week’s violent assault on Paul Pelosi by a hammer-wielding intruder searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). The innuendo about the attack that billionaire Elon Musk and right-wing personalities spread on social media this past weekend showed no signs of abating Monday as elected officials and other conservatives perpetuated wild theories. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) retweeted a thread from far-right activist Matt Walsh challenging the notion that the alleged assailant, David DePape, was a militant right winger despite his blog in which he appears to have been deeply drawn into election falsehoods and political conspiracy theories. Cruz quoted the thread dismissing DePape as “a hippie nudist from Berkeley” with one word: “truth.” Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) tweeted and deleted a post late Sunday that pushed a conspiracy theory about the violent attack and included a photo of Nancy Pelosi. Terrence K. Williams, a conservative comedian who spoke at the White House during the Trump presidency, tweeted false information about Paul Pelosi and the suspect. And Donald Trump Jr., son of the former president, tweeted images that highlighted the falsehood on Halloween.

  6. CoRev

    Menzie, in your zeal to disprove another conservative you have actually proven part of his point: “LNG is the US’ third largest export and fastest growing.” Your figure 3 lists the Top exports Jan – April 2022 and right there in POSITION number 3 is Natural Gases, LNG.

    You might make a minor point over his imprecise language, but then you are still obviously missing his point.

    Why do you continue to give Econned this fertile ground to plow?

    1. Barkley Rosser


      Good lord, Menzie provides the data splitting the two apart, and it is clear that the major part of “Natural Gases, LNG” is the first part of that, not the LNG part. We get it that you are the stupidest commenter here, and this just reconfirms it big time.

      Want to try to tell us again how a lack of a trend in the anomalies off of a trend means that the original trend somehow does not exist? Oh, that was a honey.

      And, just what was his point with all these claims anyway? Was he trying to prove that in fact the US is “energy independent” as that term has been used by GOP politicians, who have defined it by the US being a net exporter of petroleum products? Does it not occur to you that you are contributing to showing what a bunch of liars these politicians are, not that they care? Of course not, you are too stupid to even realize what you arr writing, as usual.

      1. pgl

        Me thinks CoRev saw that JohnH was in trouble so he had to outdo JohnH on perhaps JohnH’s dumbest thread ever. CoRev is such a nice guy!

    2. Menzie Chinn Post author

      CoRev: You idiot, that is natural gas and LNG in the table. Can’t you understand plain English (and I emphasize for your benefit, English is my first language).

      1. pgl

        CoRev has finally found someone who actually gets commodities – Dr. Jeff Currie. Yea I noticed he spends his day on CNBC’s Squack Box so I at first mocked him. My bad. I bet Dr. Currie knowns the difference between LNG and natural gas but of course CoRev would never be able to follow his explanation.

      2. CoRev

        @Menzie, Bark, bark, Barkley keep making a mountain out of a molehill: “You might make a minor point over his imprecise language, but then you are still obviously missing his point.

        How idiotically zealously ignorant must you all be? “… that is natural gas and LNG in the table.” It’s as it you don’t understated what the NG stands for in LNG. Menzie, I’m sure you know the difference between Natural Gas and Liquid Natural Gas is temperature and/or pressure. To help the others here supporting your contention they are different. It is the same difference as the two states of another natural gas, water vapor versus water or even its 3rd solid state ICE!

        I know how hard these sciency concepts are for the liberal mind, when their political world is collapsing desperation becomes rampant.

        I asked before, but why do you feed Econned these full feed troughs?

      3. baffling

        covid’s goal is simply to argue and fight. he will disagree with anything you say. if you state the grass is green, he will argue with you about that. it is the knee jerk reaction of a partisan hack. a stooopid partisan hack.

        1. pgl

          Covid aka CoRev is making an utter fool of himself on this one. The clown cannot even follow the conversation. Then again – that is par for the course for CoRev.

    3. pgl

      Do you even know how to READ? Natural gas is not exactly the same things as LNG. Or are you too stupid to get this? Let me fill your in since your research skills are worse than JohnH’s. This table has combined two product lines from Census. I checked. Natural gas represents 58% of the total and LNG represents 42% of the total.

      Now I would leave it to you to redo the numbers and correct JohnH’s mistake but we all get you are incapable of 1st grade math.

      1. CoRev

        Bark, bark shows his ignorance even again: “Natural gas is not exactly the same things as LNG.” , while ignoring they are the STATE differences of the same product, Natural Gas.
        “Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) | Department of Energy
        LNG Basics Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state, at about -260° Fahrenheit, for shipping and storage. The volume of natural gas in its liquid state is about 600 times smaller than its volume in its gaseous state. This process makes it possible to transport natural gas to places pipelines do not reach.” https://www.energy.gov/fecm/liquefied-natural-gas-lng

        Making a YUUGGEE case over the state change used for transportation of the same product, Natural Gas, is just another example of willful ignorance and desperation.

    4. Macroduck

      Asked and answered. See Figure 1. Natural gas, LNG is natural gas including LNG rather than natural gas in the form of LNG.

      On the basis of that error, Johnny crowed that he was right, pgl was wrong. In fact, Johnny was wrong.

      Often, commenters accuse our hosts of being over-sensitive, or worse, when correcting errors in comments. There is an audience for whom our hosts have assumed a responsibility, and for whom precision and correct use of specialist terms are important lessons. That audience is students.

      There is an embarrassing display of “all about me” from a number of presumably all-grown-up commenters. I sometimes think the more ideologically motivated commenters are intentionally misleading student readers; that it’s their mandate.

      Our hosts have every reason to correct factual misstatements and errors of analysis here. They are teaching students not to be as sloppy, biased and self-stroking as some commenters.

      1. pgl

        ‘On the basis of that error, Johnny crowed that he was right, pgl was wrong. In fact, Johnny was wrong.’

        The really funny part – I had only mentioned the aggregate increase in exports noted by Dr. Hamilton with no mention of the components. So what was I supposed to be wrong about again? No – it was just another episode of Johnny being all angry over nothing.

      2. CoRev

        MD ideologically claims: “On the basis of that error, Johnny crowed that he was right, pgl was wrong. In fact, Johnny was wrong. … I sometimes think the more ideologically motivated commenters are intentionally misleading student readers; that it’s their mandate. ”

        In a comment based upon EXPORT totals, the liberal commentariat claim the difference of a product, Natural Gas, is a different product after it is liquefied for long distance and safe EXPORT.

        Yup! Same product in a different state, liquid versus gas. How desperate they are to make a meaningless point.

  7. rsm

    Why would the table class them together unless for the obvious reason? Is Chintzy just pedantically splitting hairs here?

  8. Anonymous

    i doi not track lng or ng.

    the up swing in net exports of finish petrol accelerated from hovering around 2.5 million per day to hovering at 3.5 from the start of russian sanctions


    usa crude is net import; amount imported decreasing somewhat after russian sanctions


    lng tankers are the primary method to deliver natural gas to the northeast as connections to the southern pipeline system are limited.

    more liquification and expanding ports in usa would help replace russian natural gas, as will infrastructure in north europe to port and distribute it.

    qatar may be responding.

  9. JohnH

    It’s remarkable that this is so contentious. Isn’t it common knowledge that LNG exports are booming?

    Global Trade magazine: “ Top 10 US 2022 1st Quarter Exports…

    [#3] Rounding out the top 3 are natural gases, LNG. The total export value was estimated at $28.9 billion and this too was a robust increase compared to Q1 2021 (+ 40.6%)

    The only other top 10 export that increased by over 40% from last year were vaccines, plasma, and blood fractions… This speaks to energy’s dominance on the global stage.” https://www.globaltrademag.com/top-10-us-2022-1st-quarter-exports/

    The EIA recently reported the significance of LNG to natural gas exports: “ In 2021, LNG exports grew to 54% of total U.S. natural gas exports, up from 45% in 2020.”

    LNG’s share has almost certainly risen, particularly in dollar terms. However, Even if LNG’s 1Q exports, were only half of Global Trading’s ‘Natural Gas, LNG’category, LNG would still have ranked as the US’ seventh biggest export.

    LNG exports almost certainly increased in 2Q and 3Q, particularly in dollar terms reflecting skyrocketing export prices.

    On a net export basis, LNG’s contribution is probably even greater, since imports continue to decline.

    Let’s also not forget that the BEA singled out petroleum products, which includes LNG, as being particularly significant to 3Q growth: “ Within exports of goods, the leading contributors to the increase were industrial supplies and materials (notably petroleum and products…)

    If anything, my initial assertion that “ US LNG exports are up by 64% in the last year. But pgl doesn’t think that they contributed to improvement in 3Q net exports, “ though incorrect, is if anything understated…unless you can somehow imagine that volume or price growth abated from 2Q.

    1. Menzie Chinn Post author

      JohnH: All I’m pointing out is you made a mistake; I did quote you verbatim so this is not an error of my interpretation of what you stated. LNG exports are not the third largest category of exports; natural gas + LNG is. So you are unambiguously incorrect. Just admit that you made a mistake.

      1. pgl

        JohnH reminds me of Trump. Neither one can ever admit to being wrong – even when they are very, very wrong. MAGA!

      2. JohnH

        Did you notice that I acknowledged that “ In 2021, LNG exports grew to 54% of total U.S. natural gas exports, up from 45% in 2020.”

        Though it does not have a category of its own, 54% of the “Natural gas, LNG” category equals $15.6, good enough for 7th place.

        If your sole intent is to prove me wrong, OK, you won. Seventh place is definitely not third place. It’s still a very important export.

        But if your intent is to understand what is contributing to the improvement in net exports, then, yes, LNG exports play a role.

        According to 2Q data from EIA, which are different from census data, LNG exports amounted to $11.6 Billion, up $2.4 Billion (26%) from Q1.

        According to Moody’s Analytics, 2Q net exports improved by $81 Billion. The increase in LNG exports were equivalent to 3% of that improvement, not earth shaking, but definitely not immaterial, either.

        1. pgl

          Finally – Johnny boy finds a reliable and informative link. Now had you done so in the 1st place, you could have saved us a lot of your usual angry ranting. BTW LIAR – I have been talking about the increase in LNG for a long time.

        2. pgl

          “Seventh place is definitely not third place. It’s still a very important export. But if your intent is to understand what is contributing to the improvement in net exports, then, yes, LNG exports play a role.”

          In track 3rd place gets one the bronze while 7th place is never even mentioned. And once again LIAR I have been talking about LNG exports rising for a long time. But you tried to tell us originally that LNG export increases played the key role in the increase in exports in 3Q. Wrong again troll.

        3. pgl

          Gee Johnny – a new post that shows how utterly stupid your comments were. But yea – you are now saying something very different. Dude – you have embarrassed your poor mother way too many times.

        4. baffling

          if you count the dollar value of lng, it makes an improvement. that is because the feckless Russian invasion of Ukraine has had an outlandish impact on lng prices. my guess is, if you look at volume, you get a different picture of how much lng is exported. just my guess here. you can dig into the numbers further if you like. but there is a divergence between price and volume this year.

        5. baffling

          “Seventh place is definitely not third place. It’s still a very important export.”
          this is called walking back a comment and changing the argument. seventh place is not that important, at least with a “very” description.

          1. pgl

            “walking back a comment and changing the argument”. Exactly. But note JohnH does this routinely. Yea – he even lies about what he originally said.

      3. CoRev

        Menzie, me thinks that horse you are beating is already dead. ” the third largest category of exports; natural gas + LNG is.” If you are going to make a case for language precision then you should have defined the differences in the man-made transportation states you are insisting more LNG is incorrect. Your argument is actually less precise than his. Your misinformation of gas, natural gas, blah blah. you have ignored that it is an export issue, natural gas is transported in two forms COMPRESSED AND LIQUEFIED Natural Gas. LIQUEFIED Natural Gas is overwhelmingly used in the export of natural gas, and its use expanding.

        So not only have you added zero precision to the language, but are exaggerating your own ignorance.

    2. pgl

      “It’s remarkable that this is so contentious”. But this is what you routinely do. Take a simple issue and muck it up for no reason with your incessant extreme stupidity.

      BTW LIAR – I never said LNG exports were not rising. Your original comment needlessly attacked me for allegedly claiming LNG exports were not rising. I NEVER said that. And yea – your comment was dishonest as it gets. But no – I do not expect an apology as we know what pathetic trolsl you have always been.

      1. JohnH

        Sorry, pgl, you’re the liar. I didn’t accuse you of saying that LNG were not rising. But I did accuse you of suggesting that LNG exports did not contribute to the improvement in net exports.

        And FYI, this is your modus operandi…misquoting and misrepresenting what I write.

        1. pgl

          Wow – you really are a weasel. There is no difference in your two sentences there – neither of which I said.

          Keep on LYING – it is your forte.

        2. pgl

          Awww – poor little Johnny was somehow misrepresented? No fool – you got on your soap box again and started misrepresenting what someone else may or may not have said followed by spewing out a lot of misinformation all on your own. And when corrected – you blame me? You are a pathetic little child who never grew up.

    3. pgl

      “but pgl doesn’t think that they contributed to improvement in 3Q net exports,”

      Your original LIE repeated? You are beyond disgusting. But we all knew that a long time ago.

      1. JohnH

        At least pgl got it right this time! I should bookmark it for the record book!

        But here is another pgl lie: “ But JohnH insists that rising LNG exports are the only reason why exports might have risen.” Total BS, which is pgl’s stock in trade.

        1. pgl

          Poor little Johnny – it is all MY fault that you once again made a fool out of yourself. I would tell you to grow up but you can’t.

    4. Macroduck

      Volume probably has abated. I provided a link to evidence of shrinkage in the prior comments section.

      Johnny, you keep linking to text which provides second-hand information but no verificationof your claim. Your understanding of the second-hand information is in error. You have been provided actual data, and what do you do? Cite more text which doesn’t prove your point.

      Data, Johnny. Look at the data. You’re wrong.

      1. pgl

        Dr. Chinn has produced a new post that goes directly to what I told Johnny boy from the beginning. Of course this weasel has tried tpo change the subject. It is what he do.

      2. baffling

        the largest producer of lng in the usa has been shutdown since this summer. I would be very surprised if volume were to increase. that was a loss of 20% of capacity. and it appears to still be ongoing. it is the reason natural gas prices dropped in the usa this summer, even with a demand for natural gas and lng in Europe. we can’t export the stuff at the same level we could 6 months ago.

        1. pgl

          Macroduck provided the volumes of LNG to data and it seems they are lower now than they were in Q1. Yea Johnny boy points to a report about Q1 in a discussion of exports in Q3. He is indeed that dumb.

        2. CoRev

          Baffled, didn’t you claim that Sabine Pass was shut down, and now claim: “the largest producer of lng in the usa has been shutdown since this summer. ” If you are claiming Sabine Pass is the largest producer of lng, and shut down you are wrong. Sabine Pass was still exporting as late as 8/31:
          8/31/2022 Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC 2013-121-LNG Long-Term Spain Seapeak Catalunya Sabine Pass, Louisiana 2,938,048.

          Incidentally when I look up US production Chenier is the largest LNG exporter. Is there any relationship with Sabine Pass?

          1. pgl

            “Incidentally when I look up US production Chenier is the largest LNG exporter.”

            Gee I noted this company months ago. You and your lying troll BFF JohnH really do need to keep up.

          2. pgl

            Chenier’s revenues almost doubled from 2020 to 2021. But here is something CoRev likely never realized. Its significant 2020 profits turned into significant 2021 losses as its cost of production tripled from 2020 to 2021.

            Hey CoRev – while you are pretending you are the expert on this sector (even if you do not know the difference between natural gas and LNG) please explain how this company doubled its revenue and turned high profits into large losses. This should be fun!

          3. pgl

            “Baffled, didn’t you claim that Sabine Pass was shut down”

            He never did that. Did your new BFF JohnH teach you how to totally misrepresent what other people have said or what?

        1. CoRev

          Baffled, you now claim Freeport is the LNG plant which had the fire, but it is not: “the largest producer of lng in the usa has been shutdown since this summer.” BTW, it is scheduled to reopen within days. It still remains to see if the planned re-start date can be met as it still requires an approval from this administration.

          1. baffling

            it appears to be second largest, my mistake. 20% of export capacity. that could change as corpus christi expansion may be complete now?? freeport has not yet submitted paperwork on the planned reopening, so it probably will not happen within days. it was supposed to reopen a month or two ago. they seem to have safety issues. the explosion occurred during maintenance, and my understanding it was a safety issue that led to the explosion. freeport is working on an expansion that would increase production by a third. this shutdown is problematic for that expansion.

          2. CoRev

            Baffled, thanks again for a laugh. This comment: “…it probably will not happen within days.”, is not up there with Bark, Bark’s: “there is a difference between production and demand.”

            If not days? Why not minutes/ hours/ weeks? It is unlikely to be months or years, so pic your own metric. I’m still laughing as I write this.

          3. baffling

            not sure why covid is so cranky. nothing controversial about my comments that warrant silly snark.

            regulators will not permit the plant to reopen until Freeport submits material. they have not done so. unless you believe the documents will be submitted within the week, and the regulators will review and approve the plan within days of that date, then it will not reopen “within days”. perhaps weeks? as a starting point, originally the plant was supposed to restart around august. then October. it is now November.

  10. pgl

    I went back to the Census.gov data on US exports by product, which the author of JohnH’s little link claim was his data source. LNG exports in 2021 (Census publishes this data annually) was just over $30 billion. LNG exports were the 19th largest product not the 3rd. We sold more nonmonetary gold than LNG and almost as many cell phones. Exports of pharmaceutical preparations and of civilian aircraft were each near $80 billion in 2021. The share of LNG exports relative to total exports were a mere 1.76% which is consistent with Dr. Chinn’s graph.

    I’m not quite sure what JohnH’s little link was doing with the weird data it claims it got from Census. But JohnH is not clear on what this link was saying as he clearly misrepresented what it did say.

    And JohnH tries to claim neither Macroduck nor I know how to do basic research? Seriously?

    1. CoRev

      Barf, barf, (oops Freudian slip), now you are attacking Menzies’ Figure 3????? Almost everyone else is more truthful than you.

  11. pgl

    ‘Last year, the value of refined petroleum exports topped the civilian aircraft category for the first time since 2012 and only the third time in at least two decades. But the aviation category — there are also other, smaller aviation-related categories related to, for example, engines and avionics — still finished second. Through April of this year, the latest U.S. Census Bureau data’

    Did JohnH read this? If he did – he did not understand it. The US sells refined petroleum products and oil as well as LNG and natural gas. LNG is a subset of natural gas and LNG as Dr. Chinn pointed out. Now it may be the case that civilian aircraft exports temporarily fell behind the combination of natural gas plus LNG.

    But here is the thing Census separates exports of natural gas from exports of LNG. I guess Johnny is incapable of using http://www.census.gov to tell the difference between the two.

    1. CoRev

      Bark, bark tries his famous trick of citing a source but not the information he claims is there: “But here is the thing Census separates exports of natural gas from exports of LNG. I guess Johnny is incapable of using http://www.census.gov to tell the difference between the two.”

      Tsk, tsk, tsk!

  12. pgl

    Nikki Haley really wants to be part of the MAGA racist crowd to the point she claims affirmative action itself is racism:


    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Indian American leader Nikki Haley is speaking out against Harvard University’s “un-American” admissions policies as the Supreme Court considers a closely watched college admissions case Monday…”Picking winners and losers based on race isn’t just wrong, it’s un-American,” Haley told Fox News Digital. “Clearly, liberal colleges didn’t get that memo. It’s time to end these racist practices so that every student can have an equal opportunity to achieve the best life.”

    Of course what the right wing does not tell you is that currently blacks do not have equal opportunities. At least St. Reagan got we needed to talk about everyone getting to the same starting line which of course was not the case then or not. Haley got her place in American society and now turns her back on other minorities just so the Trumpians will make nice with her.

  13. Barkley Rosser

    Regarding this whole matter of how important or unimpotant LNG exports have been in the Q3 increase in US exports, I never could see why it was an important issue at all, although somehow JohnH seemed to think that it was very important, that having LNG exports be a very large part of it proved that the US is in recession or maybe that Putin really is winning in Ukraine. I do not know.

    1. pgl

      JohnH does not like it when someone corrects his stupidity. OK I have done so. So he just makes up garbage about something I allegedly said to go off like this. He did so during the EconomstView days and it continues. No – I have always maintained we were increasing LNG exports but JohnH has said many times that I tried to deny this. Yes – he is a LIAR. Full stop. And yea – he is being beyond pointless. But what’s new?

    2. Gregory Bott

      Maybe they are like David Depepe. A Russian asset. Maybe they can plead insanity too.
      (fwiw, i support my sources on this one. Russia has been pretty much controlled 75% that is considered “far right” now, beginning in 2012. Alternatives new nation is one such internet sites. The poor quality of the language has always been a weakness. They basically echo chamber whatever “liberal/transcendentalism” supports as being against it. Its a very typical old Soviet move.

      1. pgl

        The right is now claiming David Depepe is a Canadian who got here because of a lax border. Yes – deport the Canadians and all crime goes away – at least according to MAGA hat wearing morons.

  14. joseph

    Something looks funny about Figure 1. It shows exports of over $500 billion per quarter which is around $2 trillion annually of natural gas. That doesn’t seem right.

    According to the EIA, total annual natural gas production in the U.S., not just exports, is only around $400 billion.

    Am I reading the scale wrong?

    1. pgl

      You read the graph wrong as Dt. Chinn has already noted. But hey – with all the BS JohnH has been spreading, it is hard to keep up.

  15. ltr


    October. 31, 2022

    Some countries have more far-reaching affirmative action policies. *
    By Troy Closson

    Affirmative action is used in colleges and universities in about a quarter of countries around the world. Most of the programs have emerged within the last 30 years, according to research in the mid-2010s by Michele S. Moses, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, and Laura Dudley Jenkins, a professor at University of Cincinnati.

    In China, students who are not members of the country’s dominant ethnic group have historically been able to get into schools with lower test scores. In France, several selective institutions intentionally seek to admit students from schools in disadvantaged areas. In Brazil, a 2012 law set aside about 50 percent of seats at many federal universities for those who went to public high schools and to groups who have experienced discrimination, including Black and Indigenous students.

    In one of the more contentious approaches, public colleges in India must adhere to quotas for disadvantaged groups. Communities who do not benefit from the quotas have argued that they spur resentment and exacerbate divisions.

    But India’s system is written into its constitution. It requires universities to set aside 22.5 percent of seats for lower castes, including Dalits, who have experienced less economic mobility than others. Today, nearly 50 percent of spots in India’s public higher education institutions are reserved for members of those groups. The quotas also apply to government jobs.

    * https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/10/31/us/affirmative-action-supreme-court

  16. ltr


    October 16, 2022

    Orders for LNG ships surge as demand rise from energy-starved Europe
    By Yin Yeping

    China’s shipbuilders, accounting for about a 50 percent global market share, are working around the clock to provide much-needed liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, driven by booming demand from Europe as it scrambles to increase natural gas storage.

    Because of the damaged Nord Stream pipeline and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, gas supplies in Europe are tight. In response, orders for LNG vessels saw double-digit growth lately, with some major Chinese shipbuilders reporting order backlogs that stretch through 2026, the Global Times learned.

    A Shanghai-located shipyard is using 100 percent of its dock capacity and has orders on hand until 2026, even though it’s working on 18 large ships around the clock now, according to media reports.

    LNG ships have high requirements for the standard of craftsmanship, advanced production line and complete and stable supply chains, experts said. China, as the world’s manufacturing hub, owns many self-developed shipbuilding technologies.

    Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co, a shipbuilder under CSSC, is working around the clock to build giant LNG ships. An employee said that orders have been surging, and six ships are under production. Employees are working in two shifts and the yard is running at full capacity.

    Europe is the world’s third-largest consumer for LNG, heavily relying on imports that arrive via pipelines as well as LNG carriers.

    As the European energy crisis keeps deepening, European energy traders are looking everywhere for LNG carriers.

    An employee with CSSC said that as of October 12, the world-class shipbuilder had received 139 orders for large LNG ships, according to media reports.

    Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co has orders for delivering 33 large-capacity LNG ships, of which 26 are new this year, and many other projects are being negotiated.

    Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co under China State Shipbuilding Co (CSSC) recently delivered a new 30,000-cubic-meter LNG carrier for Dutch ship-owner Anthony Veder.

    The vessel uses many new types of technology, equipment and standards, and it’s the largest C-type binaural LNG tanker in the world.

    “Countries in Europe and Asia are the major markets for Chinese shipbuilders for their high standards, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict has intensified the trend,” Chen Daxi, vice chairman of the Zhejiang Shipbuilding Engineering Society, told the Global Times on Sunday.

    Chen said that China’s shipbuilding sector is leading the world, mainly due to its advanced technology and production capacity….

    1. ltr


      October 31, 2022

      China remains world’s top shipbuilder in first three quarters

      BEIJING — China’s shipbuilding industry continued to lead globally in the first three quarters of this year, boasting the biggest international market share in terms of output and new and holding orders, official data showed.

      The country’s shipbuilding output reached 27.8 million deadweight tonnes in the period, accounting for 45.9 percent of the total globally, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

      New orders in China’s shipbuilding sector took up 53.6 percent of the overall orders globally, while its holding shipbuilding orders accounted for 48 percent of the global total, the ministry said.

      In the same period, the industrial output of the country’s 75 key shipbuilding enterprises totaled 291.3 billion yuan (about 40.59 billion U.S. dollars), according to the China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry.

      These firms raked in 3.22 billion yuan of revenue in the first three quarters, up 220.9 percent from the same period last year.

      1. JohnH

        “ German go-ahead for China’s Cosco stake in Hamburg port unleashes protest.” China owns a lot of port facilities.

        “ Germany’s Scholz to travel to China on November 3-4”

        “ Scholz and Macron threaten trade retaliation against Biden”

        Fissures in the Empire? Blowback for Nordstream? Improved relations between Berlin and Beijing is one of the neocons worst nightmare.

        1. pgl

          What are you hoping for there Johnny boy? Do you really think Germany is going to help your boy Putin commit war crimes against Ukrainian women? I bet that gets you all excited.

        2. ltr

          China has partially built and is partially operating ports in Haifa, Israel and Piraeus, Greece and Hamburg, Germany. The ports in Greece and Germany connect directly to rail lines in China.


          September 2, 2021

          New Haifa port constructed by Chinese company begins operation


          September 3, 2021

          Shanghai-based company helps build major smart seaport in Israel
          By Zhang Shixuan and Fu Jiamei

          Israel’s Haifa New Port, operated by the Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), officially opened on Wednesday, the first new port opened in the Middle Eastern country for the past 60 years.

        3. ltr


          September 7, 2021

          Greece’s Piraeus port refilled with vitality under BRI cooperation
          By Maria Spiliopoulou and Yu Shuaishuai

          ATHENS — Over a decade ago, when Greece was trapped in a severe debt crisis and close to bankruptcy, Piraeus was still a decaying port standing at the fork of fate.

          However, these years, Piraeus has been expanded, upgraded, linked to railway networks and regained its shine, after the China Ocean Shipping Company, also known as COSCO, began managing the port’s container terminals in the autumn of 2009….

        4. ltr


          September 9, 2022

          Ten-thousandth China-Europe freight train arrives in Germany
          With 82 routes, the trains now reach 200 cities in 24 European countries, forming a transport network covering the whole of Europe.

          HAMBURG, Germany — The 10,000th fully loaded China-Europe freight train in 2022 arrived here from Xi’an International Port in Xi’an, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, on Friday.

          At the Eurogate train terminal in Hamburg, the welcome ceremony was attended by Wang Wei, deputy consul general of the People’s Republic of China in Hamburg, and Axel Mattern, chief executive officer of Port of Hamburg Marketing.

          “This is an important milestone for China’s cooperation with Hamburg, Germany and Europe,” Wang said.

          “The high-capacity connections of the China-Europe goods trains have greatly helped foreign trade in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and effectively promoted economic development along the route,” she added.

          Mattern told Xinhua that China is a very important partner of Hamburg and that the China-Europe freight train plays a crucial role in stabilizing the security of the supply chain….

    1. pgl

      That is the point some of us have trying to get into Bruce Hall’s think little brain. It also explains why we export natural gas to Canada and Mexico but have to ship LNG to Europe. Even though the informed people here already knew this – thanks for the reminder as so many people here strike me as clueless on this topic.

    2. pgl

      The discussion and graphs in that link are excellent. Note we are consuming a lot more natural gas than we were 20 years ago but the increase in production has outstripped the increase in consumption.

      Keep that in mind the next time our MAGA trolls Bruce Hall and CoRev try to blame high energy prices on “Biden’s policies”.’ Yea neither one of them can articulate WTF this term even means but they are under strict orders from Kelly Anne Conway to repeat this canard over and over.

    3. CoRev

      W, what amazes is the sheer stupidity of this argument. Whether Compressed and kept under pressure for transport by pipe or truck or cooled for longer safer transport they ARE BOTH STILL NATURAL GAS. For some strange illogical reason, liberals think CNG and LNG are different products from NG. They are not. T^hey are different forms of NG for transport purposes.

      You’d think in an article on exports the LNG difference used for long range transport. exporting over the seas, such a difference would be understood by economists. But we must remember, this is the crowd that believes there is no social benefit to using NG only social cost. Let’s watch Europe this Winter.

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