Prediction Markets on Control of the Senate: 11/11/22

Looks like the betting is on Democratic control.

Source: PredictIt, accessed 11/11/2022, 9:18am ET.

10 thoughts on “Prediction Markets on Control of the Senate: 11/11/22

  1. pgl

    Am I reading this correctly? The bets are that Dems win have 50 even before the Georgia runoff? Of course Georgia should tell Hershel to stay on the farm stalking young cows, which is all he knows how to do.

    1. Moses Herzog

      But will Herschel pay for the cows’ abortion?? MAGA has turned this into a cruel new world for Bessie.

      Not to mention Clarabelle, Dottie, Buttercup, Nellie, Blue Bell……. wait, is Herschel tired yet??

      Since Georgie Republicans are cool with men paying for their own child’s abortion, maybe he can get Georgia Republicans to pay for it. If you support Filicide, please contact these leaders and John Cornyn of Texas and let them know you’re proud of their financial support for Herschel and Filicide:

      If you like John Cornyn’s support for Filicide, contact Cornyn here, and let him know what a great Christian he is, and how he exhibits his love for Jesus Christ by financially supporting those who commit Filicide in America. What a great “Christian” and a great human being John Cornyn is. Spreading “Christian” love through America, financially supporting those who commit Filicide. Yes, Cornyn is the very best of Republicans. Great “lover of Jesus” Mr. Cornyn.

      1. pgl

        “The most generous among them is Bernie Marcus, cofounder of Atlanta-based Home Depot.”

        I may never shop at Home Depot again. I guess these billionaires want Hershel to be their “boy” in the Senate.

    2. Ivan

      It looks like both Arizona and Nevada could go to the democrats. Too close to be called yet, but that is a real possibility.

  2. Ivan

    Russian presence in Kherson city is collapsing faster than predicted. How is the Russian loot going to get across the river when the only bridge in Kherson has been blown up. It will be interesting to see how many Russian soldiers will be left behind and trapped. Even more interesting to see if any of them will put up a fight.

  3. Moses Herzog

    I’ll tell you “Five Thirty Eight” blog sometimes gets it wrong. And when they get it wrong they really get it wrong (mostly with bad predictions on rural votes). However, when “538” get it right they get it wonderfully and refreshing right. I LOVE this post by Kaleigh Rogers and I love it so much I am going to copy/paste it verbatim and beg the author’s forgiveness for not asking permission:

    “Kari Lake isn’t the only Republican making inaccurate claims about “mathematically” impossible wins. During a conference call for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham claimed “there is no mathematical way” that the Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada, Adam Laxalt, could lose, according to Politico. Graham added: “If he does, then it’s a lie.” But this isn’t true. As we’ve already noted, Democratic candidate Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto needs to win just 55 percent of the outstanding ballots to beat Laxalt, and there are an estimated 95,000 votes still yet to be counted, largely in areas where Cortez Masto has been winning more than 60 percent of the vote. There’s a very real, mathematically possible way for Cortez Masto to win, and suggesting otherwise is misleading.”

    1. baffling

      that is just graham setting up the conspiracy argument. he knows Nevada could be very problematic towards the finish line.

    2. pgl

      “Sen. Lindsey Graham claimed “there is no mathematical way” that the Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada, Adam Laxalt, could lose”

      Well Lindsey is still struggling with 2 plus 2. Maybe Hershel can take his shoes off to count past 10.

  4. Barkley Rosser


    Walker may be irrelevant. Looks like Kelly pretty solid in AZ, although not quite over there. It also looks that Cortez is not too far behind and gaining in NV with most of the votes not counted coming out of pro-Dem Clark County, with enough out that if they come in as they have, she will probably win, if by a narrow margin. if that happenes, Dems have 50 even with Walker winning GA.

    1. pgl

      If the Dems win in Arizona and Nevada, they will be at 50. Which means those 6 billionaires back rolling their “boy” Herhsel may decide not to waste their money on this joke anymore. Warnock has been a good Senator for Georgia so the people should give him another 6 years.

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