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Arthur Laffer in Wisconsin (Literally and Metaphorically)

CROWE and Young America’s Foundation are bringing Arthur Laffer to speak at UW Madison today (Grainger Hall, Plenary Room, 5:30-6:30 CT). The timing is fortuitous, as the state Senate is moving forward on passing AB386, which would exempt some portion of retiree income from taxes (up to 100K for single filers, 150K for married filing jointly), and drop the tax rate.

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Of Technocrats and Ideologues in Economic Data/Analysis Dissemination

I’ve gotten jaded by getting regular emails alerting me to the fact a new Wisconsin Economic Outlook Forecast or Monthly Economic Update (the latest just out, here). In addition, DoR has substantially expanded its interactive data visualizations here. But after a little thought, I really have to say it’s been a sea change in openness since Governor Walker exited.

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